AnyViewer the program for remote assistance 

Learn about AnyViewer the program for remote assistance. We have talked about remote assistance programs many times in the past, from the most famous ones, like Teamviewer, to the less known ones, like Dwservice or Rustdesk, now we are going to add to the list AnyViewer a remote control and assistance software developed by Aomei the same authors of Aomei Backupper. The operation of AnyViewer is similar to that of all other remote control programs, an ID always the same, a temporary code to be communicated, along with the ID, to those who give us assistance. While if we are the ones giving assistance, we have to enter the partner ID in order to connect to the remote computer.

A warning before we start, in the EULA of the license, which you read at the time of installation, they write that the software is free only for individuals, but there are no indications on the purchase of a license, while in the FAQ they say it is free for all. Since there are no indications of costs, or mode of use, very clear, for the moment, I would tend to listen to the FAQ and consider it free for all. In the future it is not certain that this will change.

The program lacks some functions that other “older” software for remote control have available as standard.

It lacks, for example, the ability to just start the program without having to install it. Once Anyviewer has been installed and started, all we have to do is send a control request to the partner we want to connect to, or enter the security code it has previously communicated to us along with its ID.

Those who need to receive assistance will see a popup like this one and must confirm access.

From the top bar you can adjust the quality of the image and its resolution, start some operations on the remote desktop such as the task manager or the command prompt, or open the chat. At the moment, however, the possibility of transferring files between the two computers is missing, a feature that should be included in a future version of the program.

In Settings you can set a fixed security code so that you can always connect to an unattended computer.

Or disable its automatic startup if you only use it occasionally.

AnyViewer turns out to be quite interesting at the moment, however, it is still quite immature, it will be to review in some time when they will have added the missing functions. Everything will depend on the type of license you choose to use the program.

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