How To Change The Voice Of Google Translator | Guide

Do you want to know how to change the voice of Google Translator? If you use it a lot, this and other tricks will make your life easier.

People who regularly need to translate in different languages may want to know how to change the voice of Google Translator, either to slow it down or select a dialect that they understand better in case they want to know not only the translation of a word but also the pronunciation.

In both the web version and the app, you can both translate by voice and listen to the exact pronunciation of a word or phrase in other languages.

But, before delving into how to change the voice of Google Translator, you should know that each of the more than 100 languages that this application translates have a different voice and that, for most of them, the default voice is a woman’s voice (as in the Google Assistant). Although this parameter cannot be changed, there are some settings you can make to change the voice, which we will tell you about below.

How To Change The Voice Of Google Translator

If you use this tool a lot, it is interesting that you download the application on your phone before getting into how to change the voice of Google Translator. In addition, if you download the languages you need to use regularly, you can also use it without an internet connection. Once installed on your phone the process is quite intuitive.

  • Enter the application and locate the three lines at the top left.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on “Settings”.
  • Where it says “Voice”, you will see that there are three options. In the first one, “Region”, you will be able to change the voice according to the region, for example, Spanish from Spain or Argentina; English from the United Kingdom or the United States, etc.
  • In the “Speed” option, you can choose between “Normal”, “Slow” and “Very slow”, so that it adapts to your needs and you can adjust it according to your knowledge of the language.
  • Finally, under “Voice input” you can change the translator’s voice settings to omit offensive words.

How To Use The Google Translator Voice

If you are learning a language, or you have to speak soon (whether it is a trip or a meeting, etc.) you will find it very useful to know how to use the Google Translator voice; this way you will know how to pronounce correctly a word or phrase that you have previously translated.

To do this, enter the translator, select the languages you want to translate and type your text.

Once the translation is done, just above the word and where it says the language (as shown in the image), locate the speaker icon and press it. The translation will sound on your phone and you will be able to hear how to pronounce a word correctly in any language.

How To Translate By Voice In Google Translator

To translate using this application, in addition to typing, you can do it by speaking: see how to translate by voice in Google Translator.

  • Enter the translator and, instead of typing where it says “Tap to enter text”, click on the microphone that appears just to the right.
  • If you have not already done so, Google will ask you to allow the translator to record audio files (as you have seen above). Select “Allow”.
  • By pressing the microphone, you will be able to say the word you want to translate without typing it on your keyboard.