How To Find Matches For Your 2024 Goals On Tinder

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to find your soul mate? We tell you how to find matches for your 2022 goals on Tinder.

The new year is approaching and we all have our goals to improve certain aspects of our lives. And many of us would like to have a person by our side to help us achieve them. That’s why these days you may be wondering how to find matches for your 2022 goals on Tinder. And the social network seems to have decided to help us find that person who fits what we want.

Starting in January, in the Explore section of the social network to meet people you will be able to choose from a series of 2022 Goals. So, if you’re looking for someone to play sports with, go out to eat with or start a new business, it will be much easier to find them, as you can search directly for someone who is looking for the same thing as you.

It is a good time to make this launch, since according to a study conducted by the application itself, the first Sunday of the year is called Dating Sunday, the Sunday with the most activity on the social network and the day in which more dates are made. Therefore, if you want to start the year accompanied you have much more likely.

How To Find Contacts According To Activities On Tinder

If you are interested in how to find contacts according to activities on Tinder, the section of the social network you are looking for is Explore. It is a section launched this fall with the idea of helping you find the ideal person in the post-covid world.

It’s a new tab where you’ll find people based on their passions or interests.

For example, you can choose to access only verified members of the social network, or even see their opinions on unpopular topics to see if you agree on uncommon opinions. It is in this tab that Tinder plans to add the goals for 2022, so that it will be much easier for you to find someone who has the same intentions as you.

This tab allows you to know a little more about the other person before making a match, so that you have a better chance of finding the right person.

3 Keys To Succeed On Tinder In 2022

If you want this beginning of the year to really be the time when you find the person, you will be interested to know the 3 keys to succeed on Tinder in 2022 that the platform itself recommends in this new year:

3/5/11 rule: share at least 3 passions/interests – add at least 5 photos/videos – write at least 11 words in your bio!

Log on during prime time: just like the wee hours of New Year’s Eve is the time to burn up the dance floor, watching the fireworks or having grapes, between 7pm and 10pm is the time slot on dating Sunday to light the flame on the app. So cancel all your other plans, as Tinder is the only place you should be in prime time.

Video call first, date later: Before meeting in person, why not video chat first? Take a moment to get to know the other person before launching into that in-person New Year’s Eve date.

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