How to Buy NFT on Opensea | Easy Guide | 2024

In the last period, we talk more and more about NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are experiencing a golden period and, along with them, so are the platforms that allow users to create, sell and buy these digital tokens. One of them is Opensea, which, with its NFT marketplace (the first one for number of NFTs worldwide), has conquered a role of utmost importance within the non-fungible token market. Below we’ll take a step-by-step look at how to buy an NFT and why you should choose Opensea to do so.

Is it Worth Investing in NFTs?

NFTs are particular digital assets with the peculiarity of being certified and validated by means of the technology behind the blockchain. This ensures that each non-fungible token is unique and non-reproducible. At the limit, it can be the author himself to release several copies of an NFT, but, even in this case, each copy will have its own unique identification code.

If we think that digital assets and, in general, the world of cryptocurrencies, will continue to march along the lines of the last few years, investing in NFTs could therefore be a valid choice. This is because, with the right care, it will be possible to buy non-fungible tokens that, over time, could potentially be resold at a higher price than when we bought it.

It is not uncommon to see cases of NFTs that are purchased and then resold at a higher price within a few hours. We are talking in a dynamic, young market full of users and news.

Buy NFT on Opensea

Most of the NFTs present on Opensea (and also on the rest of the platforms) are present within the Ethereum blockchain. This means that in order to buy NFTs within Opensea, you’ll first need a wallet that can operate on the Ethereum network.

A wallet is a digital wallet that will allow you to deposit your crypto that you will later use to purchase NFTs. You can comfortably use wallets like MetaMask or Eidoo. All you have to do is connect to the wallet’s official website and provide it with the necessary data to complete your registration, the process takes just a few minutes.

Once you’ve set up your wallet, all you have to do is deposit money, either through an exchange or by direct deposit, in order to hold the ether you’ll need to purchase your chosen NFT.

How to Register with Opensea

Once you’re in possession of a wallet and the ether you need to purchase, you’ll need to register with Opensea. To do so, you’ll just need to log in to the official website and start the registration process by entering your personal information and an email address. 

Once registered, a screen will open in which you’ll have to choose a wallet to connect to the platform. Once everything is configured, you’ll be ready to purchase your first NFT.

How the Platform Works

OpenSea, being first of all a marketplace, will offer you a wide showcase of NFTs divided by categories. We’ll have to deal with different sections.

  • New: where you can view the latest NFTs that have been added to the marketplace.
  • Art: category that contains various outstanding works with high popularity.
  • Virtual Worlds: the section related to the metaverse.
  • Trading Cards: where you can find collectible cards.

In addition to these, you can find many other categories. The marketplace is really huge and offers infinite search possibilities. With the ability to filter your results in a variety of ways.

How to buy NFT on Opensea

To buy an NFT, you’ll first have to check if the token you choose is either fixed price or auction. Once you’ve ascertained this, you’ll need to click on the Buy now box. At this point, you’ll just have to sign two transactions, the first one will “wrap” your ETH in wETH, instead, with the second transaction, you’ll actually pay the creator of the NFT and the token will come into your possession.

Costs and Commissions

In order to purchase NFTs, as opposed to selling, Opensea does not charge commissions in order to complete the purchase. However, you will need to pay a gas fee to process the transaction. The gas fee is not a fixed fee, but depends on when the network is congested at the time and the blockchain we choose to use for the purchase.

We recommend that you choose a network that is not overly congested, perhaps assessing the value of the fees several times so that you can buy when they are lower.

Final Considerations

Opensea represents the best the market has to offer when it comes to buying and selling NFTs. With an immense catalog and an intuitive interface, Opensea is the best choice for those who want to comfortably buy NFTs in a matter of minutes and with maximum security.

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