Best Torrent Sites Working in 2024 ( Updated )

To download a file quickly and smoothly from the Internet, it is now necessary to turn to the BitTorrent network and, consequently, take advantage of a good client dedicated to this data exchange network. This sounds simple enough, but finding the right Torrent sites that allow you to download movies, music, games, software, and any other type of content at a good speed and without running into fakes is not that easy.

Precisely for the reasons mentioned above, today I want to bring you this guide dedicated to the best Torrent sites currently available on the Web: by turning to the aforementioned portals, you should be able to download all the files of your interest in no time.

So what? What are you still doing standing there? Take a few minutes of your free time, sit down comfortably in front of your trusty computer and start concentrating on reading this tutorial. You’ll see that, in the end, you’ll be more than satisfied with the result.

Warning: Downloading copyrighted material from the Internet is a crime. It is not my intention to encourage piracy, so I do not assume any responsibility for the use that will be made of the information in this post.

Before getting down to business, that is, before finding out what are the best Torrent sites available on the Net, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information, so that you have a clear idea about the matter and avoid misunderstandings.

You should know that many of the sites that allow you to search and download Torrent files are blocked by regional providers, so they are not normally accessible from your country. However, by implementing a simple strategy, which involves using VPN while browsing these websites 

For greater security, I recommend you to use a VPN, which is a virtual private network, which allows you to use the BitTorrent network in anonymity, without being traced. There are a lot of VPN solutions available: among the most reliable ones I recommendNordVPN) (of which I have spoken in depth here) and Surfshark (of which I have spoken in-depth here), which allow you to download and surf online safely from PC / Mac, smartphones, tablets and other devices using many servers scattered around the world. They cost very little and also allow you to overcome regional blocks, censorships, and access to foreign catalogs of streaming services.

Best non-blocked Torrent sites

Having made the necessary clarifications above, let’s then go and find out what are some of the best-unblocked Torrent sites available on the Web. You’ll find quite a few of them reported below. Have fun!


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Let’s start this excursus among the best Torrent sites by talking about TorrentSeeker. This is a kind of Google for the BitTorrent network: practically a real search engine through which you can find files available on the BitTorrent network using the databases of major portals dedicated to peer-to-peer.

To be able to use it, first connect to its home page and type, in the text field Search Torrents located in the center, the name of the file you want to find, then press the Enter key on your keyboard, to start the search.

On the page with the list of Torrents matching the keywords you typed, try to locate the file you are interested in and click on its link. If it is of any help to you, I would like to point out that using the Sort by drop-down menu in the top right corner you can choose to sort the search results by relevance or by date.

In the next web page that will then open, that of the selected Torrent, choose the option to proceed with the download of the file on your PC or, if you want to start the download directly through your favorite client, without going through .Torrent files or server tracker, the one for the magnet link (the icon of the magnet).

Visit TorrentSeeker

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To use it, go to the main page of the service and type the name of the Torrent you want to download in the text field search torrents located at the top left, then click on the magnifying glass symbol on the right, to start the search.

Once this is done, you will be shown the results of the search: the pages are quite similar to those of Google, so you should not have any difficulty in being able to browse them. If necessary, moreover, you can limit the results only to certain Torrent sites, clicking on the name of the portal of interest that you find at the top.

Once you have found the Torrent you are interested in, click on its name and, in the further Web page that will open, use the buttons to download the relevant file or the magnet link to download it directly.

If it can be useful to you, I also point out that on the home page of the site you will also find the Torrent Sites Categories section (on the right), which allows you to discover more sites for Torrent divided into categories, the Search Trends box (center) with the most searched keywords, the Top Torrent Sites section (also in the center) with the rankings with the top Torrent sites and other boxes relating to the list of trackers, proxies and other categories.


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Among the best Torrent sites, is one of them. It can count on an autonomous database and the quality of the contents offered is definitely high. In addition, the navigation between the various sections available is quite intuitive.

To use it, visit the home page of the service and type the name of the Torrent you are interested in in the Search for torrents field located in the center, then click on the Search button located on the right.

Alternatively, you can search by category, selecting the one you are interested in from the bottom of the page (Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, etc.).

In the search results screen that appears, locate the file you are interested in and click on its name. If you wish, you can help yourself to the correct Torrent by using the menus at the top, which allow you to filter the files by categories and sort them differently.

On the page related to the chosen file, to proceed with the download of the Torrent, click the Torrent download button on the right, while if you want to proceed with the direct download via magnet link, click the Magnet download button.



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Zooqle is another of the most reliable torrent search engines around. It allows you to find movies, TV series, eBooks, video games, and much more and is considered by most as one of the best Torrent sites for games.

To use it, visit its home page and type in the search field on the other side of the name of the Torrent you want to find, then start the search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass adjacent. If you want, you can also set the parameters ahead for the search, by pressing the (…) button and acting on the items attached to the box that opens.

In addition to the above, you can search for Torrents of your interest by exploring the home page, which is divided into several sections and presents a selection of the most interesting content of the moment. Instead, by clicking on the icons at the top you can browse all the available content by category.

Once you see the page with the results of your search, locate the Torrent you want to download from the list and click on it. If you want, you can change the order in which the Torrents are displayed, for example by publication date or seed number, by clicking on the icons at the top.

On the web page for the selected Torrent that will be shown to you later, click on the Magnet item on the right, so that you can proceed with the download of the file via magnet link, i.e. without downloading a .torrent file with the coordinates needed to download the content.

Visit Zooqle

Legit Torrents

Another of the best torrent sites that I think is the case to report is Legit Torrents. This is a portal that allows you to download books, songs, and videos completely legal, works whose authors have expressly authorized the dissemination online at no cost. It does not offer the same amount of material as other sites analyzed above but still allows the user to be sure about the legality of the downloaded files.

To use it, connect to the main page of the site and type the name of the Torrent file you’re interested in in the text field at the top center, then press the Search button to start searching and see all related results available.

Alternatively, click on Torrents in the top left corner and browse the Torrent files in the catalog. You can also limit your search to movies, books, games, and other types of content by selecting one of the options available in the Category drop-down menu located at the top center.

When you find a Torrent file you are interested in, click on its name and, on the new web page that is shown to you, select the link located at the Torrent heading. When you do, the Torrent file will be immediately downloaded to your computer and you can then start downloading it using the right client for the purpose you prefer.

Visit Legit Torrents

Other Torrent Sites

In addition to sites to search and download Torrent files that I have already reported, you can consider relying on the use of portals always belonging to the category in question that you find in the following list.


famous portal for searching and downloading Torrent that can count on its database in which indexes the files without relying on external sites.


is known as one of the best Torrent sites for TV programs, with many active users. There you can find television series, talk shows, reality, and races aired.


an excellent portal for searching Torrent files that focuses on movies and, as a result, can be considered in its own right as one of the best Torrent sites for movies. It has a very large database and also features a pleasant user interface.

Software for downloading Torrents

You haven’t yet installed a torrent download client on your computer and after having found and downloaded the .torrent files you are interested in from one or more of the sites I have suggested in the previous lines, would you like to understand how to download them? If the answer is yes, I suggest you use Utorrent.

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Have you never heard of it? Strange, it is practically the most famous program to download files from the BitTorrent network on the globe. It’s free (in its standard version) and perfectly compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Unlike other P2P software, it doesn’t require long configurations to be used. Just feed it the Torrent file and the magnet link to download and then it does all the work automatically.

Don’t like uTorrent and looking for an alternative program? Then try qBitTorent. It is a free and open-source Torrent client, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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