Methods and programs to transfer music to iPhone

How to copy and put music to iPhone or iPad from PC with both quick and easy programs and apps, without iTunes

To have easier and faster management of music on the iPhone and be able to quickly transfer songs stored on the PC within the memory of our Apple smartphone we can take advantage of several methods of music transfer, many of which do not require the use of iTunes.

In the first chapter of this guide, we’ll show you how to disable automatic synchronization between iTunes and iPhone, which can prevent you from manually adding MP3 songs stored in your computer’s memory. After unlocking the iPhone we can use one of the programs mentioned to transfer the music.

How to disable iTunes synchronization

If we have already used iTunes on the computer for the iPhone at least once, the automatic synchronization will almost certainly be activated, which for our purpose should be deactivated. To do this we connect the iPhone to the computer via USB cable, open the iTunes app on PC, press on the top of the device icon (under the Controls menu), press on the Summary menu, scroll through the screen, and, in the Options section, uncheck the item Automatically synchronize when iPhone is connected and activate the check on the item Manually manage music and videos.

Once we have applied the changes we press at the bottom on Apply and Finish to confirm. Now the iPhone is not tied to the iTunes program and we can manage the music separately, using one of the programs available in the next chapter of the guide.

How to transfer music to iPhone

If we are among the users who can’t stand iTunes installed on the PC but use an iPhone as a phone to listen to MP3 music, you’ve come to the right guide: here we’ll show you how to transfer music to iPhone using the best players with integrated Apple device management, so you can listen to some music without having to subscribe.


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To transfer music to iPhone, the first program that we recommend you try is MediaMonkey, available for free from the official website.

In the MediaMonkey app, we can manage the iPhone connected to the PC in the main menu on the left. On the “Auto-Sync” tab we can choose the tracks, while in the Options you can choose how to import the music and how to manage the covers. Once the PC music folders are imported into MediaMonkey, we can synchronize the iPhone automatically; alternatively, we can proceed manually by selecting the songs to be imported, right-clicking on them, and using the Send To option.

CopyTrans Manager

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Another very useful program to transfer music to iPhone is CopyTrans Manager, available for download from the official website.

CopyTrans Manager allows you to quickly view the internal memory of the iPhone and synchronize the MP3 music on the computer. Also in this case we can choose whether to automatically synchronize the new folders and audio files on the computer or to manually transfer the songs, selecting them in the interface of the program and dragging them to the connected Apple device.


Among the most interesting music managers that we can use to transfer music to the iPhone, we also point out Clementine, available for download from the official website.

This player lets you effectively manage all your MP3 music, cataloging it by artists and by the tags present on the tracks. In addition to working as a good open-source music player allows you to transfer music to iPhone by simply dragging and dropping albums or songs in the interface of the program, without having to rely on iTunes.

Mega Cloud

If instead, we want to take advantage of the cloud to move the music, we recommend you take a look at MEGA, the cloud service with 50 GB of space, available from the official website.

By subscribing to the service and downloading the dedicated app on Windows and iPhone we can synchronize the entire music collection, to make it immediately accessible on the iPhone. Using MEGA we can choose which folders or songs to upload to the internal memory of the phone and which to keep on the cloud, with the ability to play songs directly from the cloud with the integrated player, thus avoiding occupying too much internal memory. If we have never used the cloud MEGA we invite you to read our in-depth MEGA, the fastest cloud with 50 Gigs of free file sharing.

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