Happy Scribe: automatic transcription and subtitling in two clicks!

Content creators often need to include or extract subtitles from their videos by using Happy Scribe. However, as you know if you’re reading this article, the software you find online is far too approximate, with constant errors and various problems that make us spend three times as much time as we need. So if time is money, better to spend it in the right way: in these weeks we are trying an online service called Happy Scribe that allows you to save a lot of time with automatic transcription and generation of subtitles from any video!

In this article we want to show you briefly how this online service works, and be careful: we didn’t say “software” because with Happy Scribe you won’t have to download any program on your PC, but everything will be managed through their servers! In two clicks we’ll upload the video to the platform and automatically generate an intelligent transcription of the subtitles!

Happy Scribe: features and functionality

Let’s start from the basics: what is Happy Scribe, and what does it allow us to do? It is an online service with which we are allowed to upload a video to the platform and use their interactive editor to automatically extract or transcribe the subtitles of the video. In this editor, we’ll have a timeline in which we can analyze the video second by second, and possibly make corrections or add information, such as the name of the person who is speaking (in case there is more than one person in the video).

When the work is finished, you can even share the subtitles with anybody! Thanks to the sharing feature, you can collaborate with all your stakeholders by sharing your transcripts and subtitles in view-only or edit-only mode, no matter where they are in the world.

Obviously then, you can also download the transcript file in different formats including TXT, Word, PDF, JSON, MAXQDA, VTT, SRT, STL, or even Final Cut, Premiere, or AVID to embed them within a video you’re creating with your video editing software, and then share it on social platforms.

Among Happy Scribe‘s main features we should definitely mention:

  • No upload limit: Upload files of any size and length. Our software supports them all;
  • Automatic translation: Automatically translate your transcript and subtitles in the most common languages;
  • Import from other platforms: Import all public links and synchronize Happy Scribe with your current workflow;
  • Workspace for collaboration: Create spaces to share your files with the rest of your team;
  • APIs and integrations: Integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps – Zapier, YouTube, and more;
  • Security and privacy: All files are protected and remain private. Your subtitles are protected.

How Happy Scribe works

But let’s get to the heart of the matter and put into practice the features we just talked about! In this paragraph, in fact, we will show you a practical example of how Happy Scribe works starting from our personal dashboard. We’ll upload a video to the platform and perform automatic transcription of the subtitles, showing you all the features of the integrated editor:

What you see above is just the initial dashboard, a control panel where you can keep track of all the uploaded files, which can be sorted into folders. Importing video files to transcribe can be done either directly by uploading the file from your PC, or via a cloud platform, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, YouTube, Vimeo, and many others.

In the importing process, you’ll immediately be asked what type of operation you want to do: whether to make transcription or to export subtitles. So let’s not waste any more time, let’s upload a video and see separately how to use the two features offered by Happy Scribe“>Happy Scribe


Once we have uploaded or imported the video to be transcribed, we only have to wait a few minutes and the software will take care of everything. Once the operation is finished, we can access the transcription file by clicking on the “Open” button, or access the options menu through the three vertical dots, with which we can export or share the file, for example.

With the Open command then, we access Happy Scribe‘s automatic transcription, which is organized similarly to what you see in the following image. This is not a simple text file, but a real intelligent transcription! There’s everything: minutes, interlocutor recognition, checkbox to mark a paragraph as “revised”, conversion into subtitles, immediate corrections, and much more.

Everything happens in real-time with the video playing underneath you and the text lighting up for each word spoken: this greatly increases our productivity by allowing us to check the words instantly and verify the correctness of the transcription of the software which, in our tests, has behaved more than well:


Obviously, the transcription operation goes hand in hand with that of subtitle generation, but in case you don’t want to go through the transcription phase and get subtitles immediately, Happy Scribe allows us to import or upload a video to automatically extract subtitles with a single click!

Again, all you have to do is upload or import a video (for example, we tried to import a video from our YouTube channel). In this case, however, Happy Scribe will ask us to buy a plan or rather hours:

Well yes, rightly this service is not entirely free, but it does not force us to purchase monthly or annual plans. Instead, the developers have thought of buying “hourly packages” with which we will choose from time to time how many hours to buy for transcribing our videos, allowing us to use this platform only if necessary.

Here below, as an example, are the price lists, with the relative offers, for the purchase of hourly packages directly from the site. Obviously, the discount is greater the more hours you decide to buy:

So, in conclusion, in our opinion Happy Scribe is a service that is absolutely worth trying, even in free mode, just to test its enormous potential and, eventually, decide whether to use it for your own content!

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