Crispy Subtitles – Automatically play Subtitles when you Eat

Ok, just stop everything! Here is a Chrome browser extension Crispy Subtitles that FINALLY meets a real-life need!

Well, we’ve all have eaten a packet of chips while watching Your favorite Channel. And what happens at that time?

Well, it’s been a hell of noise from our mouth and we can’t hear the audio from Youtube. AND HERE IS THE DRAMA!

Fortunately, thanks to the Lay’s chip brand, All those days are over, at least for those who are watching YouTube.

Indeed, the Engineers of Lay’s have just created a Chrome/Edge extension called Crispy Subtitles which detects the noise of the Crisps in your mouth and which automatically activates the subtitles on YouTube.

Magical! If you want to give it a try, it can be downloaded here.

You will understand, this is if you are a hardcore chips eater, this is just a nice marketing stunt from Lay’s and certainly not an extension that you will keep very long 🙂