How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone and iPad with dr.Fone Virtual Location

We’ve already seen how to fake GPS location on Android (Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Sony, etc…) so you can have an additional tool to bypass geographical blocks, test apps, protect your privacy, avoid being spied on, and so on. If you’re looking for a similar solution to be applied to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), below you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for.

As you may have noticed on the Apple store there are no applications that can do this job because Apple has very strict conditions and prevents developers from publishing this kind of application on their store. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution called dr.Fone Virtual Position.

dr.Fone is an already very popular program because it offers all the useful tools to manage any device (Android or iPhone) directly from the PC. It also offers an effective solution for recovering deleted data from your cell phone, transferring data between two different devices, making backups, and restoring data, and in the latest version, it also added the “Virtual Position” feature that allows you to fake GPS position on iPhone and iPad as you wish.

With dr.Fone Virtual Position you will be able to:

  • Teleport iPhone GPS to anywhere in the world
  • Automatically simulate GPS movement along real roads.
  • Simulate GPS movement along any routes you draw.
  • Fake GPS location in any AR games or location-based applications.
  • Fake GPS location on iPhone
  • Here are some apps and games compatible with dr.Fone Virtual Position: Pokemon Go, Tinder, Wizards Unite, Bumble, Grindr, Life360, Find My Jurassic World Alive, etc.

With this program you can change and camouflage the GPS position of your iPhone/iPad in 3 different modes:

Change your location

  1. First, download and install dr.Fone for iOS on your Windows PC or Mac from the following links:
  2. After installation you will see this main screen with all available functions:
  3. Click on the VIRTUAL LOCATION function at the bottom and this window will open:
  4. Click on START and check the box at the bottom to accept the terms of use. A new window will open asking you to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB:
  5. After the device is connected (make sure it is not stuck on the home screen), the map will appear with the current (and real) location of your device
  6. In the upper right corner of the screen, the “teleport mode” will be activated by default, allowing you to change the GPS position by simply entering the new position on the map. In the search box at the top, for example, enter “Spain” as the location and also choose a street if you wish. You can set any location in the world.
  7. Once you have entered the address click on “Move Here” in the pop-up that opens:
  8. Done! The location of your iPhone will now be set to the city you entered.
  9. For example, by accessing Google Maps on your iPhone and clicking on Current Position, you will be in the center of Spain

Simulation of movement between two points


To simulate a movement between two points (locations), you must follow the same steps described above. Then install the dr.Fone program, click on the Virtual Position function, and connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via USB cable.

Once the map opens with your virtual position, click on the first icon in the upper right corner as shown in the figure below:

Then select the place where you want to go, on the map and a window with the distance will be displayed.

Drag the cursor at the bottom to set the speed with which you want to move, for example, we use the speed of a bicycle. Finally, click on “Move here”.

Then another window will open in which you must enter the number of times you want to go back and forth between the two places. Finally, start the “movement” or rather the simulation of the movement.

Even if you are lying on your sofa with your iPhone, in the eyes of the GPS it will be as if you are moving from one part of the map to another.

Simulation along a specified route


Simulation along a specified path is similar to what we saw above for movement between two points. The only difference is that you will have to set the second icon in the upper right corner first, as shown below:

Then you’ll have to draw a precise path on the map and specify the speed of the movement (walking, cycling, or driving).

You’ll also be able to use the joystick function for GPS control. In teleportation, one-stop and multi-stop modes, you can always use the joystick at the bottom left.

The joystick is intended to facilitate GPS movement on the map.

As you can see, using dr.Fone to the fake GPS location of your iPhone (or iPad) is really a piece of cake. What’s interesting is that you’ll also be able to simulate device movements both automatically and manually.

Automatic GPS movement: click on the Start button in the middle to start the automatic movement. You can then change positions by using the joystick and clicking the left or right arrows, dragging the point around the circle, or pressing the A and D keys on the keyboard.

Manual GPS movement: move forward by clicking on the “Up” arrow in the program and long-pressing the W or Up key on the keyboard.

PRO License – dr.Fone Virtual Location

If you don’t want to be limited in the use of this feature you will have to buy the license of the dr.Fone Virtual Location package by accessing this page and then clicking on the button


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