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Still don’t know how to make changes on Wallapop? Review this guide and return those products that do not correspond to their description with guarantees.

It is one of the big questions that all users ask when downloading the application: how to make changes on Wallapop. The applications for buying and selling second-hand items have to ensure that their internal operation is flawless to avoid problems of trust, and Wallapop provides the buyer with tools so that he can claim in case the purchased product does not meet his expectations.

In short, yes you can make an exchange on Wallapop, but you have to be quick, since we will have a period of 48 hours from the time the item is delivered, either by hand or by postal delivery, to claim if there is a problem with it. If you find yourself in these cases, you have to enter the chat with the seller and open a dispute within that 48-hour period since the package appears as delivered.

The ‘Open a dispute’ option can be found under the ‘All OK’ button, which can also be used to confirm that the transaction went well and that the purchased item corresponds to the published description. When a dispute is opened, the buyer has to provide evidence to the seller of the problems encountered with the item in question, and photos and videos can be provided to prove it.

The most common scenario in these cases is that the seller accepts that there has been a problem and accepts the return, but if this is not the case and rejects it, Wallapop employees will come into play, who will analyze the dispute and take sides on one side or the other.

Many users also wonder if on Wallapop it is allowed to make an exchange of products with another seller, i.e. a barter. The platform disabled this option from its app some time ago, so the only way to make an item-for-item exchange is in-hand delivery. If two users reach an agreement via chat and decide to deliver each one a product without money in between, there is nothing that can prevent it, but in case you want to claim the possibilities of assistance are more complicated.

Returns on Wallapop, are they possible?

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In short: return on Wallapop possible? Of course yes, provided that the terms of use set by the application are met (open the dispute within 48 hours and that it is accepted by the seller or Wallapop moderators in the last instance).

Once the return is accepted, a Post Office code will be created so that you can send back the item. In this case, you have a little more time to make the delivery -10 calendar days-, and when the seller has received the returned product, Wallapop will proceed to initiate the refund of the money on your card or bank account. This process takes between two and five working days, it is not immediate.

One of the doubts that most assail buyers who are immersed in a return process is whether this will involve an extra cost. All returns are free for both parties, the only thing you will spend is the time it takes to reship and the wait until the money returns to your hands (to your account specifically).

When returning the item in question, you have to send it back complete, just as it arrived, keeping the original packaging and label. You will also have to ensure that it is properly packaged so that it is not damaged during shipping, as Wallapop may then refuse to refund your money.

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