Use Netflix keyboard shortcuts | Secrets revealed 2024

If you regularly watch Netflix on a Laptop/Computer? Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts on Netflix to control Sound or Playback without having to operate on a touchpad or Mouse – it’s so much more convenient!

While watching Netflix on your computer or Laptop, especially when you are lying in bed or leaning on your chair. And you have also probably noticed that without remote control, like on TV, it is not always comfortable to use the mouse – or the touchpad on a laptop – to control Netflix on stuff like the switch to full screen, playback, or change the sound level. 

Fortunately, the Netflix streaming platform has provided keyboard Shortcuts for this type of use. And once your selection is made, you can use the keys on your keyboard to access the various functions of the  Netflix service while Streaming. Here are the keyboard shortcuts to know to enjoy the website version of Netflix, whether you are on a Windows or Mac. Note that some also work with the Netflix app for Windows.

Keyboard shortcuts to control in Netflix

Similar to remote control, it is easy to press a key on the keyboard in Pc to control the playback of a  Netflix video.

  • To Play or pause in Netflix:  Enter key or Space bar
  • To Show video in full screen in Netflix: F key 
  • To Exit full-screen mode in Netflix:  Esc key or F key 
  • To Skip introduction in Netflix: S key
  • To Fast forward 10 seconds in Netflix:  right arrow key
  • To Fast reverse 10 seconds in Netflix:  left arrow key
  • To Turn up the sound in Netflix: up arrow key
  • To Lower the sound in Netflix: down arrow key
  • To Mute sound in Netflix: M key 

Keyboard shortcuts to access Netflix technical stuff

To access the more technical stuff of Netflix using Keyboard Shortcuts, this time you have to use several keys simultaneously to access Netflix’s technical stuff, sometimes combining them with an action on the mouse.

  • To Display technical information about the video stream in Netflix:  Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D keys 
  • To display the hidden menu like subtitles, synchronization parameters, etc on Netflix: Press Alt + Shift + left click keys 
  • To display information for technical service in case of failure on Netflix: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C keys 
  • To Show the connection history in Netfix: Press  Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L 
  • To Display flow rate and parameters in Netflix: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S keys 

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