Google Measure: measure objects, furniture, and home with Android

Smartphones have undoubtedly replaced a lot of everyday objects and accessories. Just think for example of alarm clocks, watches, timers, radios, and much more. However, one thing we haven’t talked about in-depth is the possibility of using these devices as a meter. Many may doubt the possibility of doing so, but in fact, there is a very simple and futuristic answer: augmented reality. There is in fact a Google measure application, whose name is simply “Google Measure” capable of exploiting this technology to allow anyone to measure objects in reality. Let’s see now how.

How Google Measure works

Just talking about augmented reality will certainly not explain in detail how to use the Google Measure app. One of the essential factors to consider is in fact the camera. The screen of the aforementioned application will be very simple since it is characterized exclusively by a lens on reality.

In the lower section, there will be only two buttons, one useful to “anchor” a point (to indicate the starting and ending point to be measured) and the other to take a picture of the recorded measures. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a section dedicated to settings, essential for changing the units of measurement.

Its general operation will therefore be very simple. All you need to do is: frame the object or room to be measured, click on the “+” button at the bottom at the point where you want to start measuring, move the camera along the path to be recorded and click again on the “+” button to finish the measurement.

Within the same screen, you will be able to view more than one measurement, and once finished, you can take a picture of the whole thing through the camera button at the bottom right. In addition, if it proves useful, you can also copy to the clipboard the measurement found.

How to download Google Measure

Like any application offered by Google, “Measure” will be absolutely free and available for all Android smartphones on the Play Store. To continue with the installation, just click on this link and choose “Install” on the information page of the app. Once open, you’ll only need to allow access to the camera, the storage space, and the gallery app (the latter two to ensure that your shots are saved).

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