Step-by-Step Guide on How to use Cash app in 2024

The main functions of Cash App are sending money, receiving money, spending, and investing. check out How to use cash app step by step process Explained

Linking Your Bank Account in Cash app

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  • Before you can start using Cash App, you’ll need to either link a bank account or a debit card.
  • First We’re going to link your debit card/credit card to the account.
  • Launch the Cash App on your mobile device and you’ll be taken to the green cash screen.
  • Tap on the amount in the bottom left corner to get to the home screen and you’ll see your account summary. Your Cash App balance will be displayed there.
  • Tap “Add debit card,” “Add credit card,” or “Link account” at the bottom.
  • Proceed to add your card details and then tap “Add Card.” Your card will now be linked to your Cash App within minutes, and you can start sending and receiving money.

Sending Money in Cash App

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  • You can send money instantly to your Friends, Family and  peers using Cash App.
  • Go to the cash tab by tapping the money icon at the bottom.
  • Type in the amount of money that you want to pay someone and then click “Pay.”
  • You can type in the name, email, or phone number of someone else using the Cash App.
  • Next to “For,” you can add details to help the person identify what the payment’s for.
  • Underneath the cash amount, it’ll say whether the money is being transferred from your Cash App balance or from your linked account or debit card.
  • Tap on cash balance which is below the amount and select where you want the money to be transferred from.
  • Click “Pay” in the top right corner, and the payment will be made instantly.
  • You can also send money to someone else by scanning their Cash App code.
  • Using Cash App codes is a faster way to send and receive money, as you don’t need to type someone’s details in every time.
  • If you want to scan someone else’s code, Tap on the top left corner scan button from the cash screen.
  • To show someone your own code, tap “My code” at the bottom.

Receiving money in Cash App

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  • When you receive money on Cash App, the money will be added to your Cash App balance instantly.
  • Check if you’ve been paid by going to the Activity tab by tapping on the clock icon.
  • All your payments will be listed.
  • You can send a request to a Cash App user to prompt them to send you what you’re owed.
  • To request a payment, go to the cash tab by tapping the money icon at the bottom. Use the number keys to type the amount you want to request and then tap “Request.”
  • Add the contact’s name, email, or phone number, and next to “For,” type in the reason for the request.
  • Tap “Request” in the top right to confirm.
  • If they accept, the amount will be added to your balance, and you can check your payments in the activity tab.
  • If someone’s paid you and you can’t see it in your account, go to the activity tab.
  • At the top, you should see their payment listed under “Pending.”
  • On the right-hand side, there will be an “Accept” icon. Tap on there to approve the payment, and it will be added to your Cash App balance without any delay.

Adding Money to Your Account in Cash App

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  • Tap “Add cash,” and then use the keypad to enter the amount you want to add from your bank account.
  • Tap “Add” at the bottom and confirm the transaction. Your money will be added instantly to your Cash App balance.

How to use Cash app Card

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  • Rather than withdrawing money to your linked bank account or debit card, you can also spend your balance directly from the app using the Cash App card.
  • Tap the card icon at the bottom, and then “Get free cash card.” You can then create your virtual card, which you can use to spend your Cash App balance.
  • Once you’ve created it, you’ll also be sent a physical card you can use in the mail.

Investing Using Cash App

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  • You can use your Cash App balance to invest in stocks and Bitcoin for free.
  • Tap the graph icon at the bottom to launch your investment page. You’ll see a graph showing how your investments are performing over time.
  • At the top, filter your investments between stocks and Bitcoin.
  • Below the graph, tap the different time frames to change the time period of your graph.
  • Tap on “My investments” to see a summary of how much you’ve invested to date and how your investments are doing overall.
  • Under “Portfolio,” you’ll see a breakdown of how each of your stocks is performing that day.
  • To buy or sell a share, find the share you want on the investment page and tap on it.
  • A page will appear showing you the stock’s current price and its daily performance.
  • To buy a share, tap “Buy,” and then the amount you want to spend.
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