What are Spotify mixes playlists and How to listen to them?

Spotify Mixes has new categories of personalized playlists. Here’s what they are and how you can discover them.

Yes, those playlists that Spotify creates automatically based on our playback history. So it’s just a matter of pressing play and you’ll have a personalized mix of songs playing. For example, you can start the week with “Weekly Discovery” or get ready for the weekend with “News Radar”.

Or you can try your luck with the different “Daily Mixes” made especially for you. A dynamic that is now extended with the “Spotify Mixes” that offer three new options: genres, artists, and decades.

These new categories follow the same dynamic as the rest of Spotify’s suggestions, as they combine music you already listened to with new content you might like, but under a more specific category:

  • Genre Mixes: playlists with songs that only include one genre, e.g. pop, rock… according to the music you already listened to in your Spotify account.
  • Artist mixes: these playlists are similar to “This Is…” that combine the best songs of a certain artist with similar singers or bands.
  • Decade mixes: in these playlists, you will find songs dedicated, for example, to the 90s, 2000s, etc. Depending on which decade stands out among your favorite music.

Where will you find these new Mixes? Just look for the “Made for you” section and you will see that these Mixes are automatically generated, just like the rest of the personalized playlists. Just play the playlist you are interested in and that’s it.

Remember that you can save the songs you want to keep in your own playlist, mark them as favorites or save the entire playlist in your library. These new Spotify Mixes categories are now available to all Spotify users, whether they have free or premium accounts.

How to create Spotify playlists

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In addition to the custom mixes and playlists offered by Spotify, you can create your own playlists.

You can create a playlist from your library or from any song you are listening to on Spotify. In the first option, just go to “Your library” and choose “Create playlist”, it’s as simple as that. And from there, you can add songs, customize the cover, add a description, among other possibilities.

You can also create a new playlist from any song you are playing on Spotify. To do this, you only need to choose the three dots menu and select “Add to playlist”, which will give you the options to add the song to an already created playlist or create a “New playlist”.

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