How to Buy CRO: Platforms, Commissions, Worthwhile?

There are numerous digital currencies available online, but among the many, one of the most popular is definitely the cryptocurrency CRO, token of The latter is an exchange operator that allows you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies in a safe and convenient way and has its own network of stable and fast blockchain. CRO, on the other hand, is the native token issued by to encourage the spread of the digital currency industry faster. So let’s find out how to buy CRO.

Why Buy CRO

CRO is born from a very solid company that has in fact allowed it to reach very high capitalization peaks of around $9.20 billion with over 25 billion CROs in circulation.’s mission is to accelerate investors’ approach to the world of cryptocurrencies through its own digital currency and partnerships with Visa and the Wallet app. Experts confirm the upward trend for the next few years as well, given the exponential growth of the proprietary company with numerous partnerships and investments in thriving sectors of the economy, also it is expected that many speculative bubbles will come to light and investors will start opting for more solid cryptocurrencies, including CROs.

Where to Buy CRO

Many online platforms offer the ability to trade in real time, have your own digital wallet and view the historical performance of the security but not all are equal. Before starting the investment you need to consider sharing your documents such as ID card, proof of residence and your bank details. So it is essential to turn to secure and certified platforms. Specifically CRO is purchased on the platform. 

How to Register on the Platform

Registering on is very simple and free. In no time you can immediately receive authorization to invest on the platform. Connecting on the official website of the platform you will find a button in the upper right corner on which it is written Sign Up Now. Once clicked on it will be sufficient to type a username, email and an alphanumeric password to make any fraud attempts more complex.

Once the data entry process is complete, you should check your email inbox where you will receive an email from containing a link to which you can attach your personal ID or proof of residence and then a confirmation SMS to complete the identity verification process. Before completing the registration process, it is necessary to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer), which is a mandatory questionnaire useful for assessing the user’s risk level, read and accept the terms and conditions proposed by the platform and click on the Create Account button. Once the procedure is finished, you can start buying cryptocurrencies.

How it Works and How to Deposit Money to the Account is an intuitive and modernly designed exchange platform that allows you to make transactions with cryptocurrencies. To start using, you need to access the digital wallet from the dashboard and deposit your funds on the digital wallet. On the latter, each user can view the real-time performance of the entire cryptocurrency market.

To start buying on, you need to make an initial deposit, to be deposited into your digital wallet. Also in this case the deposit procedure is very simple and fast: first log in and then click on Deposit Funds, once this is done you can choose the desired amount and finish the process by clicking on Confirm. eToro allows you to make deposits through most of the most used payment methods including

How to Buy CRO on

To buy token on the exchange, there are a few simple steps to follow: first, you need to log into your account and locate and click on the CRO cryptocurrency. Then tap the button that says Buy and select the amount of legal tender currency you want to spend. will then display the approximate amount of cryptocurrency total. The process of buying cryptocurrency is almost at the end: so click Buy again to complete the transaction. Finally, it is worth knowing that purchases, like deposits, enjoy the same methods of funds transfer.

How to Stack CROs and Earn Interest

On the exchange platform, you can staking the tokens you have managed to accumulate up to that point. Staking is a useful way to store your crypto safely and get benefits from it. In fact, by owning staked reserves, you will be able to get special rewards, daily and yearly interest and access to many exclusive features and bonuses. The interest varies depending on the duration of the staking period and the card you use. Visit to see all the details.

To do so, simply follow these simple steps. After logging into the exchange, you will need to select the Stake & Earn option and then Stake CRO. Once the page opens you will need to select the desired amount and click on confirm. A message will inform you that the operation was successful and you can see your tokens in staking on the menu. Before withdrawing your crypto again you will have to wait a period set by the exchange which is equivalent to a minimum of 180 days.

Fees and Commissions

You can buy CRO on with different payment methods: by bank transfer, credit or debit card (also prepaid) or with money deposited in the FIAT wallet. The commissions are totally free for the first month after registration, after which you will have to incur some costs when making purchases by bank transfers and debit/credit cards. Transactions completed by means of other cryptocurrencies or through the FIAT Wallet remain exempt from the commission costs. 

Final Considerations

Buying CRO could be a worthwhile move as it has a solid foundation and is not subject to excessive volatility like some other cryptocurrencies. As always, it is advisable to inform yourself about the cryptocurrency’s trend and its risks in order not to run into scams and negative consequences, finally it is always advisable to turn to certified platforms like eToro that protect the investor as much as possible.

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