5 Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets You Should Know About

Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are an essential tool to have for anyone who deals in cryptocurrencies. Why? Well, simply because they help in storing the assets securely. Also, these tools will validate and protect the transaction information. Crypto wallets are of two types: Hot and Cold Storage. The latter is software-based, and you will need a decent internet connection to access them. So, if you like them, subscribe to a reliable ISP. Also, be sure to check details like Spectrum internet prices before you make your decision. You can use cold wallets on your PC.

However, if you want to feel more connected to your assets, you should go with a hardware wallet. Such wallets will give you peace of mind when using cryptocurrencies. But what exactly is a hardware wallet, and which are the best ones? Read on to find out!

What Are Hardware Wallets?

Hardware wallets are portable devices that help users to store their cryptocurrencies safely. They will generate private keys for users in an offline and secure environment. You can connect such wallets to internet-enabled devices like a computer via Bluetooth or USB. The wallets will have a screen that will be used to approve and verify transactions. Also, it will prevent displaying sensitive information on the internet-connected device. 

5 Best Crypto Hardware Wallets

Now that you know what a crypto hardware wallet is, you must be curious to invest in one. However, before you do that, know that there are a lot of options in the market. Thus, choosing the ideal one can become a little tricky. But don’t fret! You will find five of the best options in this section. So, let’s shed some light on them:


NGRAVE is a new crypto wallet company that was incubated by imec. Their cryptocurrency hardware wallet, ZERO is one of the best from the lot. Called the “Coldest Wallet,” in the industry, the device will not enable you to get connected to the internet. So, how will it work? It’s simple: QR code! The wallet will use a QR code to transfer information to the connected device while remaining offline. You won’t be using Bluetooth or USB to connect to your system. But that’s not all! ZERO offers backup for your seed phrase. Moreover, the device is made up of stainless steel sheets that are both fire-and-water-resistant. 

#2. Trezor Hardware Wallet Model T

Developed by Satoshi Labs, the Trezor Model T is among the best hardware crypto wallets. This wallet has a touchscreen interface which makes it stand out from the other wallets. Plus, you can store multiple cryptocurrencies in this tool including, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, and more. Another reason why this crypto wallet is worth getting is that it allows users to convert their digital assets to fiat currency. Moreover, it also includes a useful feature called the atomic swap which you can use to swap cryptos. 

#3. BitBox02

If you want to store your cryptocurrencies easily without going through any complicated steps, the BitBox02 is your answer! It is an excellent hardware crypto wallet that you can use to store and protect your digital assets. The tool also has an application called the BitBoxApp which will provide you with great features to better manage your cryptocurrencies. This wallet resembles a USB-C thumb drive in shape. Also, the display will not be possible when it is switched off, making it a discrete tool. This device will come with a microSD card, a USB extension cable, and a USB adapter. 

#4. SecuX STONE V20

If you prefer security over anything else, you can’t go wrong with SecuX STONE V20. This device is made up of a diamond-shaped aluminum case. The tool is equipped with a Secure Element chip that will protect your device’s PIN and Private Key. It features a 2.8” touchscreen display. You can view multiple crypto accounts easily. This tool offers cross-platform OS compatibility. This enables users to easily manage their digital assets and to make transactions without any hassle. 

#5. Ledger Nano X 

Ledger Nano X is another hardware crypto wallet that you can consider opting for. The device is shaped like a USB thumb drive. It is structured with a steel shell. You can connect this tool to any internet-enabled device with Bluetooth or USB. You can even connect the wallet to your smartphone. The best thing about this device is that it supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies including Tron, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 


The crypto industry has picked up a lot of popularity in recent years. More and more people are now dealing in cryptocurrency than ever before. However, people should know that if they want to protect their digital assets, they will need to have a crypto wallet, whether it be hardware or software. If you are interested in the former, you can consider picking any one of the aforementioned wallets as all of them do a great job in safeguarding your cryptocurrencies. 

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