How To Redeem Coins For Coupons On Aliexpress In 2024

If you learn how to redeem coins for coupons on AliExpress in 2022 you will be able to get discounts on the purchases you make on the Chinese giant.

AliExpress coins are a way to get significant discounts on the popular Chinese online store. But, in order to cash in on this discount, you need to learn how to redeem coins for coupons on AliExpress in 2022.

To do so, you will have to access the page that AliExpress has dedicated to this effect. Although that page will take you to the app of the online store to make the exchange, so it is recommended that you perform this process from the mobile.

On the page dedicated to this effect you will see the type of coupons that are available at that moment, as well as the number of coins you will need to get one. But keep in mind that there is a maximum amount of coupons of each type, so we recommend that you make the change as soon as possible if you do not want to run out of them.

How Much Each Coin Is Worth On Aliexpress

To get an idea of the discount you can get by exchanging coins for coupons, it is important to know how much each coin is worth on AliExpress. In principle, the price for which we can get discounts on AliExpress is as follows:

  • 200 coins – 2 dollars discount on a minimum order of 15 dollars.
  • 700 coins – 7 dollars discount on a minimum order of 50 dollars
  • 1000 coins – 10 dollars discount on a minimum order of 75 dollars

But coins can not only be used to exchange for coupons. Some sellers also make special offers with them, where you can get certain products at heavily discounted prices in case you have a certain number of coins at your disposal. Therefore, we cannot say that coins have a fixed value.

Where To See My Coins On Aliexpress

If you are wondering where to see my coins on AliExpress you should keep in mind that the coins are only found in the application of the online store. You will not be able to find them, therefore, in case you access the tool from your computer.

In the app you will find a section called Coins and coupons. There you will be able to know the number of coins you have accumulated, as well as find the possibility of exchanging these coins for coupons as we have already explained above. The way to get these coins also has its main point in the app. Some sellers will give you coins when you make your purchases, but there are also a lot of games in the application in which you can find coins. If you dedicate some time every day to play you can gradually accumulate more discounts.

How To Use Aliexpress Coins For Payment

If you are wondering how to use AliExpress coins to pay, the easiest way to do it is to cash them for coupons as we have explained above. The coupons can be used as discounts on any product of the online store you want, so that by meeting the minimum order you will not have any limitation on your purchase.

There are also sellers that offer you the possibility to get discounts or even get free products if you exchange them for coins. The problem is that these types of offers only apply to specific products, and not to everything you can find in the online store. Therefore, coupons are usually the easiest way to use your coins.

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