How to market NFT art – 5 Important Tips

5 excellent ways regarding how to market NFT art and reasons for doing so.

Minting an NFT and selling the digital asset is simple. If you are a digital artist, it’s a straightforward process to create (mint) an NFT and post it on an NFT marketplace.

Regardless, creating and publishing an NFT collection doesn’t mean it will be hot and instantly sell. On the contrary, many collections are being minted daily, meaning your collectibles must stand out and be top of the range.

But how can you excite your audience and make them purchase your digital art?


Create a Twitter Account

Twitter is the social powerhouse for Web3 projects. Unsure if the news regarding FTX becoming bankrupt was true?  Check Twitter. Wondering if the new YugaLabs project has launched? Check Twitter… the social media channel is the hub where all important business announcements regarding crypto and NFTs are made. If it’s not on Twitter, it generally isn’t true. Not forgetting, opinions and ideas are also processed on the social media channel regarding many projects on the blockchain, making it a great feedback hub.

There are numerous ways you can use Twitter to promote your company. It is a great way to keep readers in the loop with your project, and everything it stands for. Not forgetting, Twitter is super NFT friendly. You can find most original PFP NFT collectors on Twitter, as users’ profile pictures, providing they have Twitter Blue. So, if PFP NFTs are what you are trying to market, there is even more reason to promote your collection on Twitter—for users to see before purchasing and gaining credibility and status on the social media channel.

The social media channel even has its very own integrated trading tool.


Promote on Instagram

Instagram is a visual social media platform, making it a great platform for promoting digital art, photos and (of course) market NFT art. It’s no wonder why some of the world’s leading NFT artists, like Beeple, use this social channel to continuously build up hype and get more eyeballs on their upcoming releases and artworks.

Promoting on Instagram is simple. All you need to do is upload your picture and post a quirky caption to gain interest. Then, be sure to add the link to your marketplace, so users know where to go to purchase your digital assets. Hashtags also help users find your images. But be careful. You don’t want to look to overdue the hashtags—it’ll make you look too desperate for custom.

Instagram reels, highlights, and stories also help maintain relationships with followers to gain more traction. Generally speaking, the more often unique and higher-quality images are shown through the different mediums, the better.

The social media channel even has its very own marketplace where you can directly sell your digital assets.


Use Discord

Discord is not the one for promoting your NFT collection to people who have yet to be made aware it exists. However, it is a fantastic messaging tool for creating a community around your brand, bringing all collectors together to release company news, discuss the industry, and safely give away Web3 rewards.

Better still, Discord is generally a crypto hub. Therefore, most users are generally reasonably willing to invest in upcoming NFTs, making it a prime place to do business.

Users typically feel privileged when being invited into a Discord server because the channels are invite-only, and due to typically needing to know a few people before landing an invitation into group chats. Thus, creating a Discord to represent your company, and adding and accepting collectors makes them feel privileged and unique to be involved.

To generate hype, you can also create and attend Discord events to discuss your collectibles and what they stand for.

Exclusive investor servers on Discords are top for achieving a successful Web3 business. You can even connect your MetaMask and other crypto wallets to the server.



Market on Reddit

Another great platform for promoting NFTs includes Reddit. Known as the newspaper of the internet, it is an excellent place for promoting collections, because of how many people use it and for all sorts of reasons. As a result, you may attract the out-of-the-ordinary.

Those using Reddit to scour NFTS can use subreddits to find promising projects and get ahead while the floor price is still low. And yes, this includes your digital gold.

Some of the most popular subreddits for buying, selling, and promoting NFTs include:

  • NFT
  • NFTsMarketplace
  • NFTExchange
  • NFTmarket

Remember, the more often you post, the more likely your posts will generate interest. First, however, be sure to create an authentic image behind your brand–so you’re likable by your target market. Then, promote, promote, promote. The more unique and quirky, the better.

Reddit has also recently become one of the most widely used NFT marketplaces, with some Reddit avatars selling for a whopping $5k—making it a super friendly spot for promoting NFTs.



Hire a Web3 Influencer

If you want to promote your upcoming NFT collection in the best possible ways but are unsure of how to market NFT art, hiring a professional is a straightforward and fast way to do so.

Depending on the type of marketing you choose depends on the price. They can help you gauge the traction you need and use different marketing strategies for all the social media channels above.