Importance of Videos For Digital Marketing For Your Small Business

What is the importance of videos for digital marketing for your small business? Every beginning is difficult, especially when you start a business today, because there is so much to do, in different fields – production, marketing, sales, distribution, finance, administration…

Especially when it’s a one-man show, that is when you have a small business and probably a very limited number of employees. Or maybe you don’t even have employees yet because you’re just starting.

Regardless of the dizzying rise of all possible trends, opportunities that will make your business much easier are also developing very quickly.

So digital marketing today is something without which you can’t even imagine the existence of any marketing, to begin with, if you don’t have a website and channels on social networks, you have closed a very big door to yourself, and also digital marketing cannot do without video.

Here are the statistics that confirm it:

– The research shows that as much as 80% of traffic on the Internet is video content

– Research shows that as many as 97% of marketers claim that video helps customers understand the product better

– 74% of users that watched an explainer video for a product or service, subsequently purchased it

– 57% of consumers have reported that watching videos gave them the confidence to buy products and services online

Here’s why:

– Video is the content that captures attention the fastest and maintains the attention of clients the longest

– Increases your brand awareness

– It affects SEO optimization

– Because of all this, it is the content that affects your ROI (return on investment) upwards

– Content that can easily be created hundreds of times

– It’s content for which tons of creation platforms will save you time and money like Plainly

– It is content that can be placed on all your channels

– It is the content that is shared the most

Top 5 video ideas:

– Behind the scenes

Take your customers behind the scenes. Everyone likes to see that, and it builds a relationship based on trust even more. Show them where the products are made, from what materials, and in what way, introduce them to your employees, and let them be the main actors of the video, while you can be the guide. Present your ideas and the values ​​you stand for.

– How to

Everyone loves educational videos, and very often people give up buying if they don’t have enough information about a product they are interested in. Educate them, answer their most frequent questions, and show them a concrete example of how a product is used. Make a video in which you will advise them how to easily make something new in their home, recycle, repair, and all with the help of your product.

– Product presentation

This is a classic promotion, but very important. When introducing a new product, you must explain all its features, maybe even compare them with an older model of your product, so that clients can get an idea of ​​the new product more easily. This is very important precisely because of what we have stated that people very often give up buying because they do not have enough information about a product. Don’t allow it. Video is always a better option than text for that.

– Testimonials

Testimonials or recommendations are the best forms of promotion. Today, people very often look for ratings and reviews for all products, to make sure of the experiences of others. Make it possible for them by including your regular customers in the promotion and presenting their positive experiences with your products.

– Strong messages of your brand

It’s not all about products and sales. Also, think about the values ​​that your brand stands for. Present your ideas and visions you have. Let clients get to know more about what you stand for and why. Also, someone doesn’t have to be your customer at all to share such a video. Strong and emotional social messages are part of all of us and are important to all of us. So you will achieve much greater visibility.

Top 3 video creation platforms:

1. Plainly

Create a template, upload it to Plainly and link it to a data source to create thousands of unique videos. Very easy to use, Plainly means only template + data source. Graphics and data can be changed and adapted to the person watching the video, which is ideal for a personalized relationship with your customers.

2. Rocketium

This platform is also great for beginners, offering to create quality videos using your photos and materials. It offers a great creative automation engine, and you can change your video formats and adapt it to different communication channels in just a few clicks. It offers you different templates and also the option to implement your custom templates.

3. Animaker

This tool may seem the easiest to use, because it is similar to the principle of creation on Instagram, and you are probably familiar with it. With just a few clicks, you can create a video from different videos and photos, resizing and zooming as you see fit. The developers of this platform claim that you have a large number of templates that you can choose from, which will help your video to be of high quality and look professional.

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