How To Get The Stumble Guys Pass For Free

Learn how to get the Stumble Guys pass for free. Forget about paying for gems to get the Stumble Pass. In this article we show you how to get the Stumble Guys pass for free.

A large number of online games have season passes that offer perks and chances to unlock exclusive items. Stumble Guys is no exception, as it has the Stumble Pass, so we tell you how to get the Stumble Guys pass for free. With this season pass we will access more gems, gestures, footprints and skins.

The Stumble Pass, its official name, costs 1200 gems. Thus, we do not buy access with real money, but through the in-game currency, gems. 1200 gems is not a small amount to collect, so many players prefer to buy them directly. The problem is that it is impossible to buy an exact amount, the closest being 800 gems for 4.99 euros and 1600 gems for 7.99 euros. Tokens are the other official currency, but we won’t need them for this tutorial.

Anyway, it is possible to get the Stumble Pass without spending a single euro. How to get the Stumble Guys pass for free? The answer is simple and complex: by getting that amount of gems. If we have the free pass, the one that comes predefined, we can access 150 gems after completing it. On the other hand, the game makes sure that you receive gems without having to pay with real money. We can pull the daily roulette, which gives us a prize that can be gems, up to 4 times in a row or watch ads after passing the round. Both the roulette and the ads award a maximum of 15 gems, so it will take you about a month to be consistent.

It’s no secret that APK versions of Stumble Guys with the Stumble Pass, or all of the game’s items unlocked, are circulating on the internet. APKs are files that contain an executable application, in this case, a modified version of the game. On the other hand, we also have the mods, which unlock everything, but coupled to the already downloaded application, they are a patch. Both can be found on specialized portals, such as apkpure, uptodown or malavida. Of course, whoever downloads it should be aware of the possibility of being banned or infected with malware, although the possibility of receiving a virus downloading from the above portals is low, as they enjoy a great reputation.

What Is The Stumble Guys Stumble Pass For?

After completing games, you will level up. It is possible to level up to level 30. As you level up, you will receive better rewards. Many of you may wonder what is the Stumble Guys Stumble Pass for if you already have levels. The thing is that if you have the free pass, you will receive mediocre rewards, but if you have the Stumble Pass, you will receive much better rewards. For example, at level 5 of the free pass you will receive a common Aspect, but with the Stumble Pass you will receive a rare Aspect at the same level. On the other hand, the Stumbler Pass grants a higher cadence of rewards, for example, at levels 8 and 10 of the Free Pass you will receive nothing, while with the Stumble Pass you will receive a Stumble Style and 25 tokens, respectively.

The most remarkable thing is that it grants you a greater amount of gems, since if you complete the Stumble Pass, you can earn 400 as opposed to the 150 of the Free Pass. With the tokens, the other currency of the game, the same thing happens, 100 tokens through the Stumble Pass versus 30 tokens of the normal pass. On the other hand, most of the expressions, such as hit or grab, which help us during the game, are only available if you have the Stumble Pass, so this not only offers aesthetic advantages, but also playable ones.

As for its duration, the Stumble Pass lasts the same as the season, since it is a season pass. This usually lasts several months, so it is advisable to get the Stumble Pass at the beginning of it. Even if you pay for this season pass, it will not renew with the next season, as it is an individual product. The next season starts on August 1, 2022. Now that you know how to get the Stumble Guys pass for free, you decide how and when to do it.

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