How to delete stored passwords on Android | Guide

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After thinking it over carefully, you’ve decided to comply with your son’s constant requests by allowing him to play for a few minutes on your tablet, an Android tablet. Although you have every intention of watching over him, you’re afraid that, during a moment of distraction, he might log in to the apps stored on … Read more

How to recover deleted Android photos | Step by Step Guide

Where to Find Saved Web Pages in Android

Were you doing some cleanup among the photos you took with your Android photos smartphone and accidentally deleted some shots you were supposed to keep as well? Don’t despair, there might still be a chance to recover them. If the portion of memory on which your images were saved hasn’t already been overwritten by other … Read more

How to set google chrome as the default browser on android

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Learn how to set Google Chrome as the default browser on Android. Does your smartphone come with a browser that doesn’t quite convince you? Learning how to set Google Chrome as the default browser on Android can be very useful. Today, most cell phones have Google Chrome as the default browser. But if that’s not … Read more