What to do if the speaker no longer works on android? here’s how to fix it

Find out what to do if the speaker no longer works on android. Today we will see what to do if the speaker no longer works on Android. If lately listening to your favorite music from your phone, the speaker has stopped working altogether and despite trying to turn up the volume, restart the device, etc., the audio just doesn’t want to know how to work, it is very likely that there is a problem with the speakers on your Android device. The failure could be caused, not by the fact that you’ve been listening to music at too high a volume, but the cause could be hardware or software and could happen not only with an old smartphone but also with a recently purchased one.

If the speaker no longer works on Android, there’s a good chance that the reason why your device isn’t making sounds anymore is a minor inconvenience, so before you panic, you have two ways to go: take your smartphone to a professional right away or keep reading this guide to try and see first if you can solve the speaker problem with our solutions. Android is not a perfect operating system, just as electronics are not exempt from failure, so a few headaches every now and then might happen with a smartphone. Let’s see what to do if the speaker doesn’t work on Android.

What to do if the speaker no longer works on Android: 


The first thing to do if the speaker no longer works on Android is to try to figure out what the cause is. If the speaker on your smartphone has stopped working, you need to first understand if the failure came suddenly or if there were already signs of malfunctioning, such as every now and then the sound would stop working and then everything would go back to normal, or you’d hear distorted and intermittent sounds during audio playback. If you have experienced these types of speaker malfunctions, it is possible that the problem is hardware rather than software. However, in most cases, users experience a speaker failure out of the blue, without any “red flags”.

Check for connected headphones or Bluetooth speaker


If your speaker stops working on Android, it’s possible that the cause is simpler than it sounds. Sometimes you may have earbuds connected to the audio jack of your headphones, so in that case, it’s normal that the speaker can’t work. Whether it’s a pair of earbuds or a connection to Bluetooth speakers, simply unplugging them can easily fix the problem.

Have you installed any new apps recently?

The speaker on your smartphone may also stop working due to a recently installed app that may be creating a conflict with the phone’s speaker. You can test this right away by entering the Safe Mode of your smartphone and this way, all the apps you have installed will be disabled, while only the default apps will remain. Then try starting a song, a video, something where you can hear audio and see if the speaker is working or not. In case the speaker works without any issues, you should restart your phone normally again and start removing the last apps you installed, testing for each uninstallation whether the speaker works fine again or not. To learn more about how to enter Safe Mode on Android, I recommend reading our article on what it is and how to start Safe Mode


If the speaker no longer works on Android you can also run tests to see if the problem is software, more precisely Android firmware. For example, even if you don’t have headphones connected to the audio jack, do you still see the headphone icon on the status bar? This icon should only appear when there are headphones connected, otherwise, it should not appear. In fact, when you connect the headphones, the icon appears and the audio speaker is disabled. If you continue to see the icon even when no headphones are plugged in, it’s likely that there’s a software problem on your Android device that you might be able to fix with a soft reset. You could, first, try a reboot of the device, and if nothing changes try blowing with compressed air into the housing of the audio jack, but be warned from the outset that it is very unlikely to solve the problem of the speaker not working in this way.

If you have installed a new custom ROM, it may be affected by a bug that affects the speaker and then the only solution would be to change ROM with a more stable one

Try the Speaker Tester app

You could try doing a test of the failed speaker using the Speaker Tester app. The app was created with the purpose of finding out the quality of sound emitted by your smartphone’s speaker. In addition to testing sound frequencies between 5000Hz and 200Hz, the sound quality of the speakers is automatically measured with a scale between 1 and 5 stars to give you a better idea of the state of the audio. Speaker Tester works both to test the earphone capsule from which we listen to calls and the external speaker. Audio testing can be done in two ways: manual or automatic. For the manual test, just press the Play button and slide the frequency bar to set the one you want. If the speaker is able to reproduce both the frequencies up to 5000 Hz and the low frequencies up to 200 Hz then the audio quality is good. In the automatic mode the test is done automatically by the application: just set the volume to half and press the button to check the quality of the speakers. Speaker Tester will then start the testing process and will automatically check the sound quality of the phone’s speaker, and when the test is finished, it will display a final judgment of the test. It is recommended that you run your Speaker Tester tests in an environment that is as quiet as possible.

Contact a Technician

If with the solutions seen above you have not managed to solve the speaker problem, even after performing a soft reset, the problem is probably hardware, so it could be for example the speaker that needs to be replaced. If you do not know how to change the speaker or find the possible hardware failure, the only solution is to go to a technician specializing in smartphones and have him check it. Needless to say, if your device is still under warranty, taking it in for service is the most sensible thing to do, also because in case of software or hardware problems, technicians will take care of everything without you lifting a finger, plus you won’t have to shell out a penny.

That’s all you can try to do if the speaker no longer works on Android. Do you know of any other solutions that you may have used successfully to get the speaker working again? We’d love to hear about it with your feedback.

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