Use extensions in incognito mode on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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How to activate extensions, all or just some, when opening an incognito window in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox When we activate incognito mode on modern web browsers all the extensions installed up to that moment stop working, so they cannot collect data and compromise the anonymity that is sought when using this special mode. … Read more

How to Name a Window in Google Chrome in 2024

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Are you used to juggling several windows in Chrome? With the new version of Google’s web browser, you can give them an explicit name to find them more easily. Simple and effective! Google never stops improving Chrome, its Web browser, with each new version, adding new functions that are more or less visible. And among … Read more

Chrome: Use the hidden features of the Google browser

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Google’s web browser has many hidden and experimental features for testing purposes. But with a few settings and precautions, anyone can access them to try them out! Since its release in 2008, Chrome has continued to evolve. In the twelve years of its existence, dozens of major versions have followed one another: not counting the … Read more