Use extensions in incognito mode on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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How to activate extensions, all or just some, when opening an incognito window in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox When we activate incognito mode on modern web browsers all the extensions installed up to that moment stop working, so they cannot collect data and compromise the anonymity that is sought when using this special mode. … Read more

How To Convert Link To Bar Code Or Qr Code

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We also know that many of our transactions are done in encrypted form via the QR bar code, due to programs or bots randomly entering URL links, and also to keep the link confidential when you want to send it to another person. If you want to convert a URL link into a barcode, you … Read more

How to know if an email has been read in Gmail

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Here are the options available to find out if an email you have sent in Gmail has been read. Gmail is one of the main managers that leads the ranking of email platforms. Its versatility on mobile devices and computers and its simple interface for receiving and sending emails are the key to its success. … Read more

Telegram: How to join a channel ( Updated 2024)

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Telegram and its channels offer endless possibilities. We tell you how to join them. One of the strengths of Telegram, unlike its main competitor WhatsApp, is the large number of chat types it offers. With this application, it is possible to create groups, individual conversations, talk to bots, or access channels. The channels have become … Read more