Use extensions in incognito mode on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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How to activate extensions, all or just some, when opening an incognito window in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox When we activate incognito mode on modern web browsers all the extensions installed up to that moment stop working, so they cannot collect data and compromise the anonymity that is sought when using this special mode. … Read more

Can you Pay cash at Uber eats?

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With every new food delivery app we download, the same question comes up: can you pay cash at Uber Eats? The answer is yes, follow these steps. We are aware that there are more and more telematic payment methods, but can you pay cash at Uber Eats? Uber’s food delivery application does allow cash payment, … Read more

Find out if a photo on the internet is copyrighted

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Although the web is full of images, photos, and multimedia content available to everyone, just by downloading and saving images from the internet, not all of them are available to us without copyright. This is something very important that not everyone ever has on a day-to-day basis and can become a real problem. To help … Read more

5 Best Sites To Download Professional 4k Wallpapers For Your PC

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Are you tired of frequently seeing the default wallpaper on your computer? Of course, you can constantly change the computer wallpaper, and it is good to have several computer backgrounds that you can switch from time to time. In this guide, we will introduce you to the best 4K professional wallpaper download sites. 4k wallpaper … Read more

10 Best Tools to Create an online mobile app without a developer

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Are you a freelancer, the head of a company, or a marketing agency? You want to create an iOS or Android online mobile app without any knowledge in development and especially without the help of a developer? Developing an app can now be done without any development knowledge, as long as you use the right … Read more