Demo beta trial versions: what are the differences?

Find out the differences between demo beta trial versions. “Trying is believing” is a classic saying, which today finds confirmation and application in the field of digital entertainment, since the operators in the sector use the well-known “trial” formulas for access to their proposals, which range from demo to trial versions. But what are the … Read more

Always open certain sites in incognito (Chrome) or anonymously (Firefox)

Make certain sites always open automatically in an anonymous mode in incognito in private windows with Firefox and Chrome We all have a list of websites that we want to always open in incognito mode with Chrome or Firefox. There are many reasons to use incognito browsing, for example, to not memorize a visit to … Read more

Use extensions in incognito mode on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

How to activate extensions, all or just some, when opening an incognito window in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox When we activate incognito mode on modern web browsers all the extensions installed up to that moment stop working, so they cannot collect data and compromise the anonymity that is sought when using this special mode. … Read more