Top 10 Best Alternatives To Grindr App

“Grindr is like Tinder for gay people, but a little more fun” That’s one of the opinions we found about the popular dating app, and the rest of the comments were not so different.

With it, thousands of men have found a space on their cell phones to give themselves a chance to meet love, have casual encounters with other guys, and enjoy the company. But no one says you can’t try other alternatives to Grindr.

In particular, these applications are aimed at an audience of gay people, including women and men and even bisexuals, but the fun is guaranteed in most cases.

We were analyzing the options available in the app store and there is more than one proposal quite recognized. we tell you all the details of each one. Without further ado, our TOP 10 of the best alternatives to Grindr for gay chat.


Blued has become a new social network that has nothing to envy Grindr or other more generic ones. It was designed exclusively for a homosexual audience, especially for men, who tend to have a greater inclination towards this type of application.

In addition, live transmissions are a very interesting attraction, so everyone can see what you do in real-time, although you have the option to choose the number of people who will be watching you.

On the other hand, Blued is designed with a private chat so you can have all the conversations you want. There you have the opportunity to exchange multiple multimedia files, including photos and videos with the option to delete them after a while, depending on what you choose.

If you share content through albums in your profile, you can select the privacy, so you limit the people who get access to it. It’s wonderful!


The Romeo of these times is not interested in Juliet, but in Julian. Romeo is an application that promises to completely change the way you meet other guys in the world.

And that’s because, using your GPS device it is able to find a lot of profiles near your location, since that way it will make sure that you actually meet and share with real people.

This list can change every day and there are more people joining than on other apps.

Meanwhile, Romeo is an app that will let you share media files and do online streaming privately, having something we call “sexting” today.

However, this feature is only unlocked for a certain time or period and eventually fades everything you share with you, so you are more sure that your information will be safe. And of course, they are always banning fake profiles that try to annoy the community.


Bears have joined the list of alternatives to Grindr, and they’re here to stay. This amazing application works in several ways, and one of them is to offer you a space to meet more people and enjoy yourself with them.

The name Grizzly alludes to the fact that most of the guys available are older and of large body sizes, but any man who wants to find love can also subscribe if he likes older men.

In that sense, Grizzly works very well for sharing multimedia content, in case you want to send photos and videos or post them on your personal profile, so everyone can see how handsome you are.

Also, as you try out its features, they give you the option to choose who can see your stuff. The private chat is a space to not limit you in any way because it is a perfect place to get to know the person you are chatting with and to see each other’s qualities. Try it!


Handsome guys are on Wapo, that’s for sure. With this application you can create your first profile, filling it with data about yourself such as your tastes, preferences, and whatever you think you need.

But also, using your cell phone’s GPS device, the application will organize a list of profiles with which you can have conversations. From there, you can choose one to start a conversation with or simply discard them right away, since you are the one who chooses.

As if that were not enough, Wapo comes with a built-in messaging system where you can share images, videos, and messages without any limits. However, in the case of videos, there is only a particular amount of time, unless you pay for the Premium version.

Another feature that the paid application provides you with is the ability to know who has viewed your profile, as well as locking the app with a password so that no one has the ability to access it.


With Surge, you will have a little more possibilities than those offered by simple applications. One of the main ones is the creation of your own profile, which contains data about you, relevant information, pictures, videos, and multimedia elements that can work to make you attractive to other guys.

At the same time, if someone chooses you, he will have to match you and you will have to answer him since this is the only form of communication that can be established between the two of you.

It should be noted that Surge has an ace up its sleeve that you will surely love. When you access the private messaging, all the multimedia elements you decide to send are eliminated after being viewed.

That way, they offer you space where you can find security, in case you decide to share private photos, as well as your private files, in case you don’t want anyone to try to impersonate you. If we could recommend one, it would be this one.


It’s a bit controversial this kind of name in an app for gays, but Banana is more of a commercial title.

Banana works through live video through a random chat, where a guy appears each time you start and if you don’t like him, you simply have the option to switch to the next one and continue trying to meet different guys.

However, you can choose to have those people only come from the same city as you, so maybe you see someone you know.


Hornet is very similar to the other Grindr alternatives we have already shown you. You can chat with all the guys you can think of and close to your residence. You also have a private chat to initiate messages and you can exchange photos and videos if you wish.

But in particular, the application has something that others do not. The online forums and events are a good space where you can share multiple topics with thousands of people, how about that?


You should also take a look at Sturb, an application that has a significant number of users around the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, so it can be very useful if you are one of those who like international conversations.

At the same time, you can create your own profile and add images and photos if you wish. In the meantime, a world of possibilities opens up to you, with all the people you will have the opportunity to meet. Run and try it out!


And because girls also have the right to be happy, Spicy is one of the alternatives to Grindr designed for lesbians, queers, and bisexuals.

With it you can chat with all the beautiful girls in your area and even with those from other countries, is a good incentive for international chats.

What we like most about this proposal is that it is only available for women, so if you are a man, above you have 9 other options for you.

Meet the most beautiful guys in your city, exchange messages, photos, and videos, make video calls, and more with the most spectacular alternatives to Grindr.

The world of dating seems that it will not stop soon and it is increasingly common that people of all sexual inclinations want to have a space to share their preferences.

That is why we organize a list with all the most functional and recognized proposals of the moment. You will surely love them.

Yes, it is difficult to choose the best online dating app because there are so many. We tried to take a look at all the most acclaimed options of the moment, in order to make a list selected by the most acclaimed of them.

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