How to delete a Grindr account in 2021

Do you know how to delete your Grindr account forever? Please note that uninstalling the application will not delete this content. We tell you how to do it here.

Are you done with this whole flirting with men thing? The way the market is going, you might want to take a break. Or maybe you’ve found love. In any case, it’s best not to leave any loose ends with your Grindr profile. So you can cancel a Grindr account and forget about any reminders of your flirting, your information, or your profile on this social network to find sex and/or love. Follow these steps so that no one else can find you on Grindr.

How to delete your Grindr account 2021

Love or despair arrives this 2021 and your Grindr account goes out the window. It’s the usual, we’re not going to judge you. In fact, what we are going to explain is how to delete your Grindr account this 2021. A process so that when you delete your Grindr app, you don’t leave anything behind. So that no one can bother you, write to you, or find you once you uninstall Grindr.

  • All you have to do is go into the app and pull down the side menu on the left by clicking on your image on the top left.
  • Then go to the Settings menu at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • Here click on the Deactivate option.
  • Within the new screen click on Delete account and provide a reason and comment to help the Grindr team understand the situation.
  • Verify your account to make sure of the process you are about to perform.
  • Click on Delete profile to permanently delete the Grindr profile.

This way there will be no more of your Grindr profile left this 2021. You will go back to the home screen of the application to flirt with other gay men and you will have to create a new account if you perform all these steps. Please note that you will lose your conversations, photos, favorites, and other items.

if I delete Grindr everything is deleted?


You should keep in mind that deleting Grindr does not mean deleting everything if you only uninstall the application. This social network has a profile of you on its servers and, unless you delete it, this information will still be there.

This is good if you want to get rid of the application for a while but not your profile. Thus, you can delete Grindr without deleting your profile and download it again and use it whenever you feel like it. Of course, it is possible that some time may pass between deleting the application and other users continue to see your profile active. Of course, if what you want is that neither the application nor your profile remains active, the best thing to do is to perform the steps we told you above. Here you will have to say goodbye to all your chats, photos, favorites, and other elements.

Unsubscribe from Grindr

What happens to my Grindr Xtra subscription? Well, you should keep in mind that completely deleting your profile does not cancel your Grindr Xtra subscription. If you have paid for it and there are days left to use these extra services, they will remain valid and will not be refunded in any case. You will simply lose the ability to take advantage of them if you decide to completely abandon the Grindr app. The good thing is that you will be able to retrieve an ongoing and paid subscription in a new account you have created. But there is a restriction: only one subscription per account. So, you will be able to create a new profile and request to retrieve the subscription for it from the Settings menu. Everything will work again with the advanced paid features but in the new profile, you have created. Without leaving any traces or remainder of the previously deleted profile.

Of course, canceling a Grindr Xtra subscription does not delete your Grindr user profile. You will still have access to the limited features and your profile will remain active. So keep this in mind to know what you really want to do: whether to delete your Grindr account and profile or just cancel your paid Grindr Xtra subscription.

Recover Grindr account

Have you deleted your Grindr profile and now you want to get it back? Well, we have bad news: Grindr cannot recover deleted accounts. This is a final decision and the information is lost forever. Say goodbye to your chats, photos, links, and other items when you click on the Delete account option.

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