Monster Galaxy P2E (GGM): NFT-Project Gaming Token Review, Where to Buy & Store + Distribution on Bybit Launchpad

MONSTER GALAXY P2E is a mobile game inspired by “Pokémon” and the famous RPG Monster Hunter. The essence of the game is to fight monsters with a great soundtrack and beautiful visuals. The game was known before, but now has a new concept – it added components Play-to-Earn and NFT. The monsters in the game are called MOGA and each of them is represented as NFT

GGMs are tokens that can be used to gain in-game advantages, to buy and sell NFTs and to earn steaking money. GGMs will be distributed starting January 13, 2022 on the Bybit Launchpad.

The editorial team will talk about the features of the game and its main token. P2E projects are popular right now, and MONSTER GALAXY could be another notable player.

General Information

About Game Project

Monster Galaxy is a game franchise known since 2021 and includes three games: Monster Galaxy, Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Island and Monster Galaxy: Exile. The project was abbreviated as MOGA. It was very popular, with over 25 million users regularly playing the games.

However, all games become less interesting with time if nothing new is added to them.

  • MONSTER GALAXY P2E is a new platform that retains the essence and principles of previous versions, but adds blockchain components. The model is called Collect, Play and Earn. Its main components are:
  • Galaxy Gems. GGM tokens that players can earn by engaging in battles with monsters or other players. Tokens are needed to buy additional power and battle monsters.
  • MOGA. NFT pet monsters that can be bought, sold and exchanged in a virtual store. Have different levels of rarity: beginner, common, unusual, rare, super-rare, epic, and legendary.
  • MOGA Genesis. These are 9000 monsters minted immediately at launch. Will be sold to users at auction. Possession of these pets will give privileges in the game, such as higher GGM rewards, free switching of game elements, secret bonuses, etc.

The development of the project is engaged GAIA CLUB – an association that was founded in 2003 as GALA ONLINE. It is a Japanese anime community. Once its site was included in the top 50 best sites according to TIME magazine. In 2021, the project transformed into GALA ONLINE and focused on the design and development of NFT games, working on the principle of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

MOGA Auction.

Bidding was held on December 22 for 1 hour on the Treasureland platform.

Three levels of Genesis MOGA are distributed in blind sales (boxes that can be opened after purchase). No new monsters will be added after the sale.

The price range depended on rarity:

  1. Super Rare – $50
  2. Epic – $200
  3. Legendary – $500

GGM Token + Allocation on Bybit Launchpad

MONSTER GALAXY tokens reward active players for PvP or PvE battles. You can use them to buy MOGA, additional slots for them, energy for the game. GGMs are available for trading on the open market immediately after the tokenseal.

Verified users of the Bybit exchange can participate in the GGM tokensale. Its stages are:

  • Record balances – from January 13 03:00 to January 18 02:59 (msc). It is necessary to hold BIT tokens on the spot balance. The system will take hourly information about all balances to get a weighted average for each potential participant at the end of the period.
  • The subscription period is Jan. 18 from 4:30 p.m. to 1:59 p.m. (Moscow time). Those wishing to participate in the tokenseal should click the “Commit” button and select the desired number of BIT tokens that they are willing to use to purchase.
  • The final allocation is from January 18 from 14:00 to 14:59 (Moscow time). Based on the user’s average balance for the period and their allocated BIT tokens, GGMs are awarded; they are sent to the spot wallet along with BIT balances, if any.
  • A maximum of 14,000 GGMs can be purchased by a single user, which ensures distribution fairness.

Where to buy and store GGM

Spot trading of the currency pair GGM/USDT on Bybit will open on January 18, 2022 at 15:00 (Moscow time) if liquidity conditions are met. Listing on other exchanges and trading on decentralized platforms such as PancakeSwap are possible thereafter.

Examples of wallets for storing BEP-20 tokens:

  • Trust Wallet
  • Metamask
  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • MathWallet
  • Ledger

As well as balances of centralized crypto exchanges.


In the near future, MONSTER GALAXY P2E plans to hold an IDO (initial DEX offering) on TrustPad and EnjinStarter, where GGM can be purchased for BUSD tokens. After that the team will closely work on the development of functionality – the system of land and guilds, quests, Challenges. Progress is easy to follow on Twitter, where the team regularly posts news, or on Telegram. Improvement of old and well-known games usually leads to either success or failure, but here the situation is different: an element of P2E has been added, that is, by playing, users can make a profit. This concept is under active development.

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