How to Buy The Sandbox: Benefits, Commissions, Worth?

In the last few months it is really hard not to have heard or read at least once the term sandbox metaverse. Within this virtual space of convergence between different technological solutions, such as blockchain, altcoins and NFT, it is possible to glimpse scenarios destined to radically change many aspects of daily life.

This virtual universe is still undergoing a rapid transformation. There are more and more realities even of high thickness that are looking for the best way to be part of it and among these there is definitely The Sandobox, the well-known virtual world specially made in the form of management game to allow users the opportunity to create and monetize their gaming experiences thanks to the native token SAND. We will now go to see how to buy The Sandbox, what are the best platforms and to do it and the main reasons to choose to invest in such a project.

Why Buy the SAND Token

It is news of a few days ago that The Sandbox has recorded the largest sale of a digital collectible ever made so far: it is the Metaflower Super Mega Yacht purchased by an anonymous user for 650 thousand dollars. And this is not the only striking case, a virtual housing complex consisting of luxury villas has been sold in less than 24 hours at the exorbitant price of 280 thousand Dollars.

Without arriving to these cases limits, it is well understood as the business prospected by The Sandbox seems really to have traced a furrow on which other similar realities will not be able to do without to walk. The truth is that The Sandbox is a space in which, despite not having specific skills in programming, it is possible to create potentially very profitable digital assets. The whole system is highly democratic and the creator of a given asset will be free to market it within the marketplace and earn up to 95% on the price decided in complete autonomy.

Not only that, this metaverse even offers users the chance to take advantage of a fund program in exchange for the creation of virtual experiences capable of providing high-level content within the game. That’s how buying The Sandbox is not only a way to be part of a virtual ecosystem destined to be talked about for a long time, but above all it’s an opportunity to exploit in case you want to monetize your creativity.

It would be natural then to wonder if buying The Sandbox could be a good buy or not, and to get an answer to the question it’s enough to take a look at the market capitalization of the native digital currency, 5 billion dollars. Surprising quotation if you think that we are talking about a project still in its alpha version. With exponential growth prospects and an appeal that has already won the attention of world stars, The Sandbox is preparing to become a new phenomenon of global resonance.

How and where to buy The Sandbox

In case you want to buy directly the digital currency The Sandbox (SAND) is essential to opt for a platform that can guarantee the best possible standards in terms of reliability and security.

As a first choice we undoubtedly find the well-known online broker eToro. Registration to the site is free and the platform has Cysec certification and excellent guarantees of security on transactions.

To register on eToro just connect to the official site, click on Invest Now and follow the guided procedure. After an initial minimum deposit, just select the SAND token in the cryptocurrency section and proceed with the purchase.

Alternatively, you can lean on Binance. The well-known exchange famous for being the first in the world as average volume of daily exchanges, as well as one of the principles of the sector.

How to Register on Binance

The procedure required to register on Binance is extremely intuitive. First of all it will be necessary to go to the official website of the platform and click on the Register button on the homepage on the top right. In the new page you will need to click on Create Account and then enter an email address and an alphanumeric password. After accepting the terms set out by ticking the box, it will be possible to continue by clicking on Create Account.

An automatic response email from the platform will warn the user that the procedure is proceeding in the best way. The email will contain a link on which it is necessary to click or alternatively it is possible to write the code indicated in the space provided by Binance to help the confirmation of the email inserted. In the next step it will be necessary to insert your cell phone number on which a second confirmation check will be carried out.

At this point to become an effective user of Binance it will be necessary only to confirm your identity, which is feasible simply by forwarding a copy of an identification document and an appropriate proof of residence, such as a bill not older than 3 months. At the end of all the checks that the platform is required to make you will receive appropriate communication after which you can safely access your account and start investing.

Platform Features and Functionality

Binance is a platform specialized in the exchange between cryptocurrencies and in addition to that it offers numerous features, including the possibility of staking and liquid swaps of cryptos, shaping your skills thanks to the richness of the educational section and much more.

To start, however, to be operational on the site, regardless of what your personal goals are, you will need to make an initial deposit, which is necessary to buy cryptocurrencies or other assets. First of all, you will need to log in to the platform by entering your previously created credentials and then click on Wallet and then on Overview. In the newly opened page, you will need to click on the Deposit button at the top left and choose your preferred deposit type from those available, such as cryptocurrencies or cash.

After you’ve made your choice you’ll have to determine the currency or cryptocurrency you want, enter an amount and conclude by clicking on the Continue button. At the end of the procedure you will be able to see the details of the transaction you just made.

How to Buy The Sandbox on Binance

The whole procedure is extremely intuitive and executable even by the novice user. First of all it will be necessary to log on the platform through the official site, inserting the credentials created during the registration and then from the homepage click on Trading and then on Base.

Through the search engine you can type the name of the cryptocurrency of interest, in this case SAND, and select the desired pair. For example, if you want to exchange The Sandobox with the Tether currency you will have to select SAND/USDT, in case you prefer Bitcoins you will just have to select SAND/BTC. If you prefer to buy The Sandbox at the current price, just click on Market, enter the amount of currency you want and confirm your choice by clicking on Buy SAND.

As far as payment methods are concerned, Binance offers a great variety of solutions. In fact, it assures the full support to many FIAT currencies, to the main stablecoins, to credit or debit cards operating on Mastercard or Visa circuit and to both SEPA and instant transfers.

Costs and Commissions

Binance applies a commission of 0.1% on each transaction carried out on the platform. Of course the final amount of the disbursement can vary according to different factors, among which the volume of trades and the service used for the trading, but these are independent elements from the will of Binance.

Deposits do not present any cost, while for what concerns withdrawals Binance has recently reduced the commissions present concerning Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to prefer a dynamic nature of the disbursements to be supported according to the market trend.

Final Considerations: Should I buy The Sandbox?

The Sandbox can undoubtedly be configured as a high-risk investment at present, also considering the still immature nature of the metaverse. One cannot, however, overlook the fact that the forecasts seem to foresee a bright future and already today SAND is among the 50 most relevant cryptocurrencies globally. Surely its market performance is closely linked to the dynamics of the native game to which it belongs, however the metaverse is just in the early stages of its life and considering the idea of being part of it could be an interesting option.

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