How to change the size of a product on Aliexpress

Have you ever wondered how to change the size of a product on AliExpress? Here you will find everything you need to know in case you have received the wrong garment.

One of the biggest complications when buying clothes online is the size, leading many users to wonder how to change the size of a product on AliExpress. Although in the description of each product we find a link with information about sizes with which to take a reference to get it right, this does not guarantee that then the measures are the real ones. For this reason, it is always advisable to check that the seller’s reputation has positive ratings.

AliExpress does not allow you to change the size, but you always have the option of contacting the seller to explain what happened and try to reach an agreement (it is more advisable the closer the store is to your country).

If the difference between the measures that appear in the description and the real ones are very evident when you receive the product, it is best to open a dispute within the platform to mediate those responsible for the web. The process can take several days, but if you raise the complaint is likely to receive assistance from the support service of the application.

How to exchange a product on aliexpress

The process of how to exchange a product on AliExpress is also one of the big demands from this online shopping platform, but unfortunately, there is no option to exchange one product for another automatically. The easiest way is to cancel the order and then request the product you really want to purchase.

As with size disputes, you have the option of contacting the seller. If an agreement is reached privately, it is likely that you will receive a shipment with the changed product, but usually, the fastest way is to cancel and return.

Canceling an order on aliexpress

It is easy to make a mistake when making a purchase in this type of application, so we have the option to cancel an order on AliExpress. Once we have purchased a product and we regret it on the spot, if we quickly enter the order we will see that we have the option ‘Request order cancellation’, both in the web version and in the app. We press and our order will stop, and we can recover the money, although we must bear in mind that it is not an automatic process.

Generally, the seller has 72 hours to confirm the cancellation of your order. If not, AliExpress will cancel it automatically so you can recover the amount, but it will not be an automatic process, so it is advisable to make sure that the product you want to buy is the one you want to buy to avoid getting involved in these processes.

Are there free returns on Aliexpress?

Another of the star questions from users: Is there a free return on AliExpress? Yes, there is, but it depends on the seller, so you have to look closely at the page of each product. If you find just below the ‘Buy’ and ‘Add to cart buttons an icon that says ‘Free return’, it means that you can return the product and receive the money easily within 15 days after receiving it. The ‘Buyer Protection’ icon also indicates the coverage that AliExpress can provide you in case of a complaint or dispute with the seller.

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