How to Change the delivery address on an Aliexpress order

Knowing how to change the delivery address on an AliExpress order will allow you to choose where your orders are shipped.

When you register with AliExpress, you will have to enter an address. But if you want to change it later, you must learn how to change the delivery address on an AliExpress order.

You can change the address as many times as you want. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  • Open the AliExpress application
  • In the left side menu, go to Settings
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Go to Delivery Addresses
  • Click on Add new address and type in the address you want to add.
  • If you want to delete any of the existing addresses, click on the pencil and then on the trash garbage can

As you can see, you can have several different addresses stored in your AliExpress account depending on where you want your orders to arrive.

When you go to place an order, if you have more than one address stored in your account, you can choose the one where you want your orders to arrive. Therefore, ideally, before you finish placing the order, you should know where you want to receive it. This way, by choosing the one you want each time, you will be able to change the address without any problem.

I have made a mistake with the address on aliexpress, what can I do?

I have done all the steps correctly, but then I realized that I have made a mistake with the AliExpress address, what can I do? If you have not yet made the payment you can change the address without any problem.

The problem comes if you have already paid your order because AliExpress does not allow you to change addresses in an already paid order. But don’t panic. As you probably know if you have used the platform, on AliExpress you can contact sellers directly. Therefore, if you have had a problem of this type, you can always talk to the seller and explain the change of address. Sellers are not interested in having problems, so it is likely that they will solve them for you.

In case you are not able to talk to the seller, or simply if you want to be more relaxed doing the procedure in a more “official” way, you always have the possibility to cancel the order and later, if you wish, do it again. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that if you pay through the platform itself the money will be charged, although when you cancel the order it will be returned in a short time. So really the only way you can avoid any kind of problem is to check that the address is correct.

How to cancel an order on Aliexpress

If you have decided on the second option, you will need to know how to cancel an order on AliExpress. If you decide to cancel your order while the payment is still being checked, simply click on the Cancel Order button next to the order and it will be automatically canceled. If the payment of the order has already been made, you can request its cancellation at this link, but it is important that you know that in that case, the seller will have to accept it. Therefore, we recommend once again that you check that everything is correct before making the purchase.

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