Gadgets And Accessories for Home And Car Under Rs500 / Rs1000 / Rs2000

Find out Gadgets and accessories for home and car under Rs. 500/ Rs. 1000/ Rs. 2000

We’re checking out some really interesting accessories for around the house and in the car, so let’s get started with the first product.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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The first product on our list is this portable Bluetooth speaker. Now, this Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a really cool design and also has controls right on the front.

  • The speaker also has RGB lighting and this connects with your phone over Bluetooth
  • it also has other ways to play music so it can play directly off of a Pendrive or an SD card
  • you can also listen to FM radio since this does have FM radio built-in.
  • It has an eight hundred milliamp (800 mAh) power battery and it will last about five to six hours
  • it also has a carry handle to make it easier to move around definitely a cool speaker to check out.

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4 in 1 Emergency Car tool

The next product on our list is this 4 in 1 Emergency Car Tool.

Now, this is a relatively inexpensive accessory, but it offers up quite a lot of features.

  •  So the first thing is that it has an inbuilt LED light that can be useful in and around the car.
  •  It also has an emergency window breaker in it, which will allow you to escape from your car in case of an emergency and it also has a built-in seat belt cutter as well.
  •  But more importantly, it can be used as a handle by Sticking it into the door lock of your car. You can use it to step in and out of your car easily and it will be useful for people with disabilities or of older age and more importantly, it will be useful for getting into bigger cars which can be slightly difficult.
  • This is a great accessory to have and for the price and the features that it offers. It’s a handy tool to have in your car at all times.

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

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The next Gadget on the list is the Samsung Galaxy smart tag.

  • Now, this is a smart tag that helps you find things so you can use it on your keychain, put it on your backpack, and even put it on your pet.
  • It connects over Bluetooth but also does have GPS tracking and it does have an audible sound.
  • If you want to locate something. you can do it from your smartphone
  • it will allow you to not only locate things but also play a sound it also has other features like, in case you lose your phone and want to locate it using the smart tag. You can double-click on the smart tag to find your phone.
  • if you have any SmartThings devices around your house including televisions Etc from Samsung, you can control those with a single click on this device as well. It’s a pretty cool device more.

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Natural Air Freshener

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This One on our list is another car accessory. Now typically you’ll find air fresheners for your car which are pre-built and then you have to buy refills.

  • The good thing about this is, First it looks really cool. It’s made out of natural wood And then the second thing is that you can use essential oils to add fragrance to this.
  • So once you do run out of fragrance, all you need to do is drop a few drops of essential oils in this so completely natural or really good air freshener,
  • But more importantly, you can get the fragrance that you want and you don’t need to buy additional refills
  • It looks really smart in the car.

So a really cool accessory go check it out.

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Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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The next one on our list is this Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard.

  • This Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • So it’s a portable Bluetooth keyboard and it connects to your smartphone or Your tablet over Bluetooth
  • You can also use it with a PC, Mac, desktop, or a laptop
  • It allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously and then type on all those devices
  • You can switch between the devices using this key on the top the keyboard also has a built-in
  • Stand for the smartphone or a tablet or you can put both together
  • Since you can switch between the devices. This can be used as a dual device keyboard and it connects automatically so you don’t need to pair it up again and again
  • So it’s a really cool device to have especially with the work from home still going on for a lot of people.
  • This can be a handy accessory to have around the house. Definitely go check this out.

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Boot Orgainzer

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Next up on our list is the really cool organizer bag for your car this attaches to the carpet in the trunk of your car.

  • So it has built-in Velcro on the back and this would be basically secure in place using that
  • it’s made out of Belt and can be used to organize everything that you have lying around in the trunk of your car that possibly bounces around.
  • so you can have some sprays bottles. You can even have some tools in this, so that they don’t jump around when you’re driving.
  • It’s made out of Belt It’s a fairly soft material and it has quite a lot of space and it can hold a lot of accessories in it.
  • It also comes with a bell Crow attachment. So in case, your car doesn’t have carpeting you can attach the velcro attachment using double-sided tape that it does have all ready to get it attached to the trunk of your car
  • really cool organizer to have almost all cars should have a pocket in the trunk just so that they can keep the things. That’s is Quickly bounced around in the car for most people will check it out Link in the below

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10 Inch Type C USB Cabel

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  • Next up on our list is this USB C to USB C cable now this is a 10-inch cabel and  this supports up to 60 watts.
  • So it’s great for fast charging and it also supports power delivery as well.
  • So you can connect it to your smart phones or even to a camera.
  • It can also be used for certain laptops that do support up to 60 watts
  • it is braided and a really high-quality cable for a relatively low price.
  • Definitely go check this out. If you want it high-quality short cable and for a really good price as well.

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Car Dust Bin

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Now next up on our list is this is a really cool accessory for your car.

  • This is a trash can for your car, now most people have a lot of trash in their car and they typically leave it around the Car
  • this accessory will allow you to have a trashcan in your car. You can put it in the Car cup holder or even in the Car door pocket
  • it also comes with a trash can bags that are built exactly for the size and you get three rolls of trash can liners about 90 bags that will allow you to not only collect trash in this but also dispose of it easily.
  • It’s a simple accessory to have and allows you to keep your car clean.

Definitely go check this out.

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ARM Rest

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  • Now next up on our list are these elbow pads for chairs, now a lot of modern expensive ergonomic chairs. Have a memory foam armrest. But if you are regular chair doesn’t have a soft elbow rest where you can keep your elbows.
  • This is a great accessory to add to your chair. It’s made out of memory foam and it attaches to the chair using velcro straps.
  • It’s a really simple accessory and it solves a major problem with a lot of people working from home a lot nowadays.
  • This is a great accessory to make any chair that you may have in your house comfortable and it allows you to have soft elbow supports
  • if you are somebody who games a lot or is on the computer a lot.this is in general a good accessory to have for your elbows.
  • this also increases the height of the elbow a little bit. So your shoulders will thank you in
  • the long run.

Go check it out. If it’s something that you think you need

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backpack from xiaomi.

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  • Now, this is a twenty-one-liter water-resistant backpack that has quite a lot of pockets and a good design as well.
  • It is available in a few colors, which looks really nice. It has a lot of padding as well. So the shoulder straps are padded and you also have the back Side of the bag padded
  • then the laptop sleeve is also padded is hidden in the back of the bag
  • you have a front pocket which will allow you to carry some essential accessories. And then you do have a main pocket which does have additional Pockets inside so you can hold a pen put some power Banks Etc.
  • It can even hold your books. Then you do have a hidden zipper sleeve as well in which you can also keep some stuff, so pretty cool accessory lots of pockets around
  • on sides you do have additional pockets and on one side you do have a bottle holder as well,
  • it does have an ipx4 coating on it as well. So it will actively repel water and overall. It’s a well-built back for the price.

You can go check it out.

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