How do I get my money back on Aliexpress? All the answers

You canceled an order that you regretted at the last minute, do you get your money back on AliExpress? We give you all the answers.

The reluctance to online commerce is still remarkable. Do you get your money back on AliExpress? We give you all the answers so that you can make your purchases safely. Online shopping platforms have significantly developed their security mechanisms in recent years to ensure a pleasant user experience when using their application.

How do I get my money back on aliexpress?

For those of you interested in knowing how to get your money back on AliExpress, there are several ways to get your money back. More and more sellers are giving a period of 15 days to make returns without any charge to the buyer.

Similarly, there are many products that include in their description a message that says “Buyer Protection”, with a certain number of days. You will have that time to request a refund if the product arrives late or does not correspond to the description.

It is also common that we regret just after placing the order and want to go back. In this case, the application also allows us to rectify by canceling the order without losing our money. If you do it quickly while the process is still in payment verification, it will not be necessary for the seller to accept the cancellation.

If a few more minutes have passed and you request the cancellation before the shipment takes place, it is normal that the seller accepts the return without further ado. In case the seller has not shipped when the preparation period is over, AliExpress will also refund your money.

There are other less frequent scenarios in which the seller does not accept the cancellation. In these cases, the best thing to do is to contact them quickly since there is little we can do when the product is shipped.

In the event that the product we have received has a problem or does not correspond to the description, we can open a dispute. To do this, when we open the application we will have to click on ‘My account’, which we will find in the bottom menu, and in the ‘Orders’ section, we have the option ‘Open dispute’, where we can expose our claims.

When opening a dispute, the seller has 15 days to expose his version. If they don’t answer, you will get your money back, and if after those 15 days no agreement has been reached between the parties, AliExpress will mediate to determine who is right.   

How long does it take to get your money back at aliexpress?

The next million-dollar question is how long does it take to get your money back from AliExpress. The amount you have claimed will come back to you through the payment method you used (card, bank account, etc.). The refund process is not automatic, so you will have to wait a few days until the amount appears in your account again.

The refund status can only be checked through the AliExpress web version. To do this, you will have to access ‘My orders’ and, once you enter the one you canceled, click on the ‘Payment’ tab. If you scroll to the bottom of the window you will find a line with three dots: ‘Waiting for refund’, ‘Processing refund’, and ‘Refund’. When all three appear in orange, you will have the money back in your account.

As usual, the further away your order was, the longer it will take to complete the refund, so you will have to wait longer if you bought a product from a store in China 

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