Can you ask for an invoice on Aliexpress? How to do it

If you have decided to buy in the Chinese store, you will be interested to know if you can ask for an invoice in AliExpress, as well as the steps to follow to do so.

Although its use is becoming more and more widespread, the reality is that many users still have many doubts about how AliExpress works. And one of the main concerns in this regard is whether you can ask for an invoice on AliExpress. Before you continue to worry about it, the answer is yes, you can ask for an invoice without problems.

Many users need the invoice to be able to deduct it or to be able to justify an expense to the company. Others simply want it to have a document that proves the purchase you have made. The reality is that having an invoice is every buyer’s right. And, of course, AliExpress, like any other store, is obliged to provide it. But the invoice is not sent automatically when you make the purchase and that makes some customers get lost.

How to ask for an invoice on aliexpress

But if what you need is a completely legal invoice, the only way available is to contact the seller. Always bearing in mind that you are in your right and that if he refuses to invoice you, you can open a dispute.

How to get Aliexpress invoices for tax deductions

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, probably your main concern is how to get AliExpress invoices for tax deductions. The reality is that, if you follow the steps we have mentioned above to request the invoice from the seller, it should be totally legal and be useful to deduct VAT or whatever you need. But it is important that at the moment they send it to you, you make sure that all the information on it is totally correct.

If you find a mistake in the invoice sent to you by the seller and this can make the invoice useless to you, we recommend you to contact him as soon as possible, so that he can make the changes he considers pertinent.

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