How to enable Signal link preview – The easy way

Signal, undoubtedly has been one of the messaging applications that has taken a lot of strength in recent years, especially to users of iPhone phones, since this messaging application offers users a variety of functions and in turn take care of the privacy of the same.

But you may wonder if Signal is very similar to WhatsApp, what is the difference between these two; well, the difference between WhatsApp and this messaging application. 

WhatsApp usually always has some flaws in the privacy of users, on the other hand, Signal, offers an encryption of messages that is very difficult to decipher by a cyber hacker. 

Now, in turn, it also has some functions very similar to WhatsApp; such as the preview of the links; but in this one you have to keep in mind that to be able to see this view, you have to activate it.  That is why we created this guide for you, so you can learn how to activate and deactivate this link preview.

However, it is also important that if you do not want third parties to access your messages, since, for you, your privacy is the most important thing. You can hide your messages like on iPhone, either through your fingerprint or password, if you have an iOS device.

This way, when you lend your phone or leave it unlocked for some reason, people outside of you will not be able to access your chats if they do not have the password or your fingerprint.

Are link previews an optional or mandatory feature?

The preview of the links sent through the Signal messaging application is not mandatory, because it is optional, it is your choice whether or not you want the preview of this link to be displayed. But, usually these previews are activated when we send a video or news link that we want the sender to read instantly or observe at the moment you send it. 

On the other hand, if after you send the message you want to verify if that person actually received the message and read it, you should look at the pimples that appear next to the message you have sent.

These are the ones that indicate when the message has been sent and received, as well as when it has been read. This way you will know if that specific person was able to see the link or the message you sent.

Which sites support this type of previews?

For Signal, it is very important that its users can access its functions from any device, that is why we always emphasize the cycles that support this type of previews from starting with HTTPS.

Since this is the only format that accepts this type of previews, Signal, for this reason, if you are in another type of page or site that does not have HTTPS, you can not access this feature.

On the other hand, if for some reason you lost your cell phone or deleted all the messages in your Signal account, you will be able to recover the messages you had in the account by recovering a backup copy. 

That is to say that I’m wrong every day or every so often that you set to save a backup, which will be stored on your device for when you need it, this way you will not lose the history of your chats.

Disable previews from your device step by step

To deactivate the preview of a link sent through Signal messaging, you must first enter the application, and then go to your profile.

After you are inside it you will go to the privacy settings and look for the option to generate a link preview. After that you will press the blue arrow and leave it in gray color; this way when you send a link through messages it will not generate the preview of the link.

How to remove the preview of a single link and not the others?

To remove the preview of a link and not the others, what you should do is the previous step, but instead of disabling it you will leave it enabled.

 After this you will go to the message you want to send, and when the preview of the message appears you will notice that in the corner of it, there is a ✖ that you should click here, and in this way only the preview of that specific link will be removed. 

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