How to control my nest with Amazon Echo [ My Smart Home Accessories ].

Find out how to control my Nest with Amazon Echo. Technology never stops advancing and Amazon has always done so with it. Among some of the most modern devices it has to offer users is Amazon Echo, the multifunctional smart speaker that is known as an answer finder, music player and has the ability to connect to the smart devices you use at home.

To find out more about this, Learn How To invites you to read this article that teaches you how to control your nest using Amazon Echo.

How should we configure the Nest to connect it with Amazon Echo?

To connect any of your Nest smart devices to the Amazon Echo, you can employ the virtual assistant Alexa, which is also Amazon’s own. The steps you need to follow are presented below.

Connect it to the internet

You need to keep your Google Nest devices connected to an internet network in order to control them via Amazon Echo.

Updating the system

Please note that in order to connect a Nest device to an internet network, it needs to be restored to its factory defaults for the configuration to be done properly.

What is the procedure to link the Nest with Alexa?

The first thing you need to do to link the Nest devices with Alexa is to connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. Subsequently, you will be able to choose between two options that will allow you to connect them to each other.

From the Echo website

You should start by logging into the Echo website and sign in from your Amazon account. Once you are logged in, you must go to the left panel that appears on your screen and select Smart Home.

There you will find the Device Links by swiping down to the bottom area of the screen. You have to find the Nest and proceed by selecting the Link to Nest option.

You will need to grant permission for Amazon to access Google Nest, so press Confirm when you are directed to another website designated for this.

You can log into a configured Google account to make sure that Amazon’s access has been confirmed. If so, you will find a pop-up window prompting you.

Proceed by opening the Alexa app on your mobile device. Again you will need to select Smart Home and scroll down to find Devices. Finally, you’ll be able to press Discover Devices, and even tell Alexa to go about exploring them.

With the Alexa app

In the Alexa app, to link a device you need to select on Smart Home from the main menu and then click where it says Get More Smart Home Skills.

This will take you to see the devices you have available. Now you must enable the ones in the Nest and, as above, tell Alexa that she can explore them.

What actions of our Nest will we be able to perform with Alexa connected?

Alexa is known for being a virtual assistant with voice commands that allow the search for answers and the fulfillment of a huge variety of requests. However, there are many, many other actions you can perform using it to control the Nest devices that are connected.

You can also tell it to set alarms and reminders to keep you up to date on all the important things, make voice purchases through Amazon, set your Nest doorbells and schedule calls on other Nest devices.

What other devices can I control with my Amazon Echo?

As long as they are part of your Nest, you can perform many other functions on your devices with Amazon Echo. Among those you can control are the following:


You can command Alexa to turn on or off the lights in your home when you need it and it seems most convenient, without having to move around the house or be indoors.


Using Amazon Echo and Alexa it is also possible to control smart plugs, telling it to turn them on or off when needed or do it from the App when you are away from home.


Control your surveillance cameras compatibility with Alexa and Wi-Fi connection the transmission of images and recordings at all times, to keep your home completely safe.


Another device that you can control with Amazon Echo, are the Nest thermostats. This way you can also control the temperature of your home to keep it pleasant at all times.

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