How to change the sound of your notifications on Telegram? – Android and iPhone

Find out how to change the sound of your notifications on Telegram. It is quite common to customize the notifications of a mobile with custom sounds: either to give it a personal touch or to differentiate it from other devices. In WhatsApp for example it is possible to mute notifications: of course this option is available on the Telegram platform for any device.

What can you do to change the sound of the calls you receive on Telegram?

To change the sound of Telegram notifications on any mobile device, just log in to the account from the application and from there enter the Settings section. The steps to follow to make the change on any device are as follows:

With your Android

Once you have entered the app, you will see on the left a hamburger menu which will show the Settings option (the gear icon) after being deployed. You have to enter Settings > Notifications & Sounds and once there head to the ‘Calls’ section lastly, just tap on “Ringtone” and select the new ringtone.

From iOS

The app for iOS devices is exactly the same as for Android devices, so the steps to follow will be exactly the same as in the Android version: after opening the app head to Settings > Notifications & Sounds > Calls and tap on the ringtone.

What other settings can you do with Telegram notifications?

From the Notifications & Sounds section, the settings for the other notifications can also be changed. Telegram allows a wide scope for customization, so the focus will go to the most important notifications:

Balloon notifications.

Balloon notifications are basically the circle that appears in each chat indicating if there are unread messages within the app. The section of this notification is named “Balloon on icon”, from there you can: enable or disable the balloon, enable or disable the balloon for muted chats and allow or disallow it to show the number of unread messages in each chat.

Vibration on or off

From the notifications section, you can edit the vibration function of the application. In the case of vibration, there are more functions beyond enabling or disabling it: you can also configure how the phone vibrates when receiving messages. The options are as follows:

  • Disabled: the mobile will not vibrate under any circumstances.
  • Default: the standard setting for vibration.
  • Short: a short vibration
  • Long: an extended vibration
  • Only if muted: the mobile will only vibrate if the sound profile is muted.

Manage who can send you notifications

If you go into Notifications and Settings > Notifications for chats you can edit who you will receive notifications from and the exceptions that can be added in each case. This configuration section is divided into: Private Chats, Groups and Channels.

Will the ringtone change in Telegram Web and/or Telegram Desktop?

Unfortunately, changes made to ringtones will only be reflected in the mobile app. While it is possible to use Telegram on computers via a desktop app or in a browser version, only the settings made in notifications will be preserved in these versions.

How to block a contact in Telegram?

If the problem is with a particular user: blocking is by far the safest thing to do. To do this you must go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Blocked. Once inside you will see the users that have been blocked and also the option to block new users.

Once a user has been blocked, not only will you not receive notifications from that user but also there will be no way for the blocked user and the user you have blocked to communicate. Of course this is a drastic measure only recommended in cases that really require a measure of that magnitude.

The Telegram application is characterized by its great versatility (for example in the settings mentioned above), however it is not an application as well known as WhatsApp is. For this reason, it is quite common for users to delete their accounts after some time of use when they can no longer find users to chat with.

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