How to connect an iOS Controller to an iPhone or iPad? – Configuring extensions

Learn how to connect an iOS controller to an iPhone or iPad. The iOS 13 and iPad OS have brought along with their updates a new way to open up to the world of gaming and that is by allowing you to connect an iOS Controller with which you will be able to play certain games. The process to connect a video game controller to your iPhone or iPad is quite simple and you go to explain what are the steps you have to follow to achieve it. 

How many controllers can an iPhone and an iPad support connected at the same time?

Because Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K can be linked via bluetooth and used with two controllers of the same type at the same time it got users thinking that perhaps more than one device could be linked at the same time on an iPhone or an iPad. However this option is not possible with any of the 2 available controller models.

It is because of this small detail that the question arises as to which games can be played on the iPad and iPhone as obviously not all of them can be fully developed on these devices.

How to connect an iOS extension for iPhone and iPad?

To connect any official controller to your iPhone or iPad is not necessary to have a particular extension, because these controllers are paired via a Bluetooth connection and the important and main thing is that the controller in question is deactivated from its original console.

What are the official controllers and compatible with iOS?

Many are the companies that have been dedicated to create a controller that can not only connect to Apple devices but that can be developed efficiently with the games available for these same devices.

Although it is desired to have a controller that connects just as easily as a PS4 controller to a PC. Unfortunately it is not possible so we have prepared a list that can help you when choosing a special controller for your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Powershell Controller, by Logitech: A controller model that tries to follow the same model line as Microsoft’s ‘A,X,Y,B’ buttons. The phone inside this adapter fits right in the center with the buttons at the margins. Another of its properties is that it allows you to leave the iPhone’s lock and volume buttons visible. 
  • SteelSeries Wireless Controller: It is a practical and simple controller that offers approximately 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay thanks to its long-lasting battery, although it has the facility of charging via a USB connector. 
  • PS4 Controller: The famous PS4 controller is now compatible with Apple devices and is one of the best options in terms of branding. Its connectivity is via Bluetooth, however there are not a lot of games to put it into practice, but the existing games are sure to entertain you for a while. 
  • Xbox One controller: At first the Xbox One controllers did not have Bluetooth connectivity so these early models are not compatible with iOS. Instead, the Xbox One S or X models and the Elite 2 are the right ones to use with Apple devices, make sure before using them to quickly reset them, to ensure an easy connection. 

Where should the controllers be connected to an iOS device?

All controllers connect to an iOS device via Bluetooth. The controllers tend to have a small button which you should press for a few seconds and then go to the ‘Settings’ section of your Apple device, ‘Bluetooth’ and from there select the name of the controller, after which they will be paired and ready to use. 

Is there anything to take into account when connecting a controller?

If you have a controller to connect to your iOS device, the first thing you should do is reset it to make sure it is not connected to another device, because if it is, you will not be able to use it on your iPhone or iPad.

The second thing you should make sure is that the controller has enough battery to connect to your computer.

Finally, be absolutely sure that the brand and model are truly compatible with Apple devices. 

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