How to get Aliexpress to resolve a dispute

Follow these steps if you want to know how to get AliExpress to mediate a dispute and help you get your money back after a failed order.

When making an online purchase, ideally everything should go smoothly, but we know that this is not always the case, so we are going to tell you how to get AliExpress to mediate a dispute with a seller when we are having problems with the order we have placed. If the shipment does not arrive on time, the item received does not correspond with the reception or, simply, we have not received anything and it appears as delivered, we can open it.

AliExpress does not intervene immediately when we open a dispute with a seller, but before we will have a period known as ‘Dispute Opening’, in which we will receive explanations from the seller. If you are not satisfied with these explanations, we will go to the next step, in which AliExpress takes action to mediate.

In this second phase, you can include evidence (images or videos) to show the platform managers that you are right and you can get your money back. Always keep in mind what is the protection period for each item, as this may influence your chances of claiming.

How to open a dispute on aliexpress from your cell phone

If you are interested in how to open a dispute on AliExpress from your cell phone, open your app and go to the ‘My account’, button that you will find at the bottom right of your screen. In the ‘Orders’ section, click on ‘Shipped’, where you will see all the products that have already been shipped by the seller. If it has not yet been shipped, you can still cancel it.

When you go into detail on the item, you will see the button ‘Open dispute’, and there you can specify whether you want only the money refund or also the return of the product. As mentioned before, first the seller will offer explanations, and if they are not convincing or if they do not answer for a long time, the issue will be raised to the AliExpress managers to mediate.

How to make a dispute appeal on Aliexpress

In case you are a seller and you want to know how to make a dispute appeal on AliExpress if it has not been favorable to you, you can log in to your profile and access ‘Dispute List’. Access the one you want to appeal and click on ‘Request’ to appeal and be able to submit new evidence. This will make AliExpress re-analyze the case and decide with your new input if that dispute should benefit the buyer or not.

All sellers have a period of seven days to make a dispute appeal on the platform. Once this period has passed, no more appeals can be made and the refund will go to the buyer who requested it.

Is it possible to claim to aliexpress after the Deadline?

We know that it is important to check that our order responds 100% to what we expected as soon as it arrives, but is it possible to claim to AliExpress out of time? Those who are used to place a lot of orders online may find that they have forgotten to check one and finally it turns out that it does not correspond to the description or has a major defect, but all the deadlines for reimbursement and buyer protection have already expired.

In these cases, the solution is complicated, since the entire warranty period you had to receive attention from the platform is behind you. You can contact Customer Service, but it is unlikely that you will receive a positive response. The only feasible way is to contact the seller to expose the situation, but in reality, the seller will no longer be obliged to do anything, so the picture is very complicated.

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