How to know where is my Aliexpress order?

Have you shopped at AliExpress and want to know where your order is? We tell you how to find out.

If you recently made a purchase on AliExpress and you want to know where everything you bought is, you may be wondering: How do I know where my AliExpress order is? We tell you where you have to go to see the status of your shipment.

AliExpress has become one of the most used online shopping platforms worldwide. Toys, fashion, accessories, furniture, technology… you can find everything on this e-commerce giant that belongs to the Alibaba group.

The items are low priced and the simple interface of your application makes them easy to locate and view. In addition, the fact that there are many sellers makes it possible to compare prices and buy from the one that offers the lowest price for the product.

If you have made a purchase on this platform and you are interested in knowing more information about where the purchased items are located, you may have asked yourself: How do I know where my AliExpress order is? Here is the answer.

Some time ago when you placed an order and paid for it, the information until you got home was a bit confusing on the AliExpress platform. Everything has improved a lot and now it is quite easy and effective to know where any order is.

To find out where your order is on AliExpress you just have to open the app on your cell phone whether you have Android or iOS and log in. Then go to “My Account”.

┬áThere you will see the types of orders. To find out where your order is, choose “Shipped”. Now just click on “Tracking” to see where your order is and the approximate date it will be delivered.

Aliexpress: My orders

If there is an important place on the AliExpress platform because that is where you can find information about everything you buy, it is in “My Orders”.

To view the “My Orders” section you have to log in from “My Account”. In AliExpress “My Orders” you will be able to see the orders you have placed, those pending payment, those pending shipment, those shipped, and those pending evaluation.

The interesting thing is that if you see the information of your orders from your cell phone the application shows you next to the icon a number that corresponds to the number of orders you have in that situation. For example, you may have one unpaid order and two shipped.

What happens if my aliexpress order doesn’t arrive

Now that you have learned how to find out where my AliExpress order is, there may be another circumstance with your order and that is that for whatever reason it does not arrive after you have purchased it. So… What happens if my AliExpress order doesn’t arrive? We tell you what you have to do to claim it.

If after a long time your order does not arrive, do not worry, you can make a kind of claim that AliExpress is known as: open a dispute.

To open a complaint you must open the AliExpress application on your mobile and then click on “My Account”. Now go to the “Orders” section. Look for the order that has not arrived and click to enter it. Inside there will be a button called “Open dispute”. Click on it and fill out a form stating what has happened and specifying that you have not yet received the items you purchased.

From the next day and in the following days you will receive an email from AliExpress where, after verifying that you are right in what you have exposed, they will refund you the money of your order.

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