Aliexpress comes up in Russian: How to change it

No need to panic if AliExpress is in Russian: how to change it back to English is simple.

That AliExpress is a somewhat chaotic platform, both on its website and in the application, we already know, but another thing is when AliExpress comes out in Russian: how to change it becomes an obsession, since the first thing we think when we see the language of Tolstoy is that we have been hacked.

This error is not something isolated, as many users have shared it in different forums, although it is true that it is becoming less frequent. In general, it occurs much more in the web version than in the application, which usually appears in Spanish. Users saw how all the addresses inevitably led to the ‘.ru’ domain and all the texts started in Cyrillic, a user experience that could be improved.

The first thing we should do in these cases is to clean the cookies since it is likely that some with the ‘.ru’ domain have remained in our browser session. This happens especially to those users who have used a Russian discount coupon. On our website, you can find tips on how to get coupons in English and avoid these problems.

If you have not used any of these coupons, the problem may not be yours, but your Internet provider’s problem. You may have been assigned a foreign IP and your computer is automatically detected as Russian. With the main operators, this does not usually happen, but some other medium or small provider did locate their IPs in countries such as Russia or France.

You can check where your IP is located by typing find my IP in google. In case yours is located in these countries, call your Internet company to let them know. Usually, this problem is corrected within a few days, when their databases are updated to provide users with their country IPs.  

Aliexpress comes up in polish

If AliExpress comes up in Polish it may be due to the same problem mentioned above with the Russian case, which does not imply that our computer has been hacked or is more exposed to viruses (you can always run the antivirus to gain security).

Less frequent, but far from being ruled out, is that the user accesses AliExpress without realizing that he/she was using a VPN, is located in one of these countries, and causing the browser to offer the Polish, Russian, or any other language version by default.

How to change the language on aliexpress

If you want to know how to change the language in AliExpress, the way is the same. Click on ‘Language’ in the application and you will get a list of all available languages. If you are using AliExpress from your computer, scroll down the menu at the top of the site and choose the language you prefer.