How to send a message to Aliexpress seller

There are many reasons why you may need to know how to send a message to AliExpress sellers. We tell you how to do it.

AliExpress is a platform that does not sell products directly but puts buyers and sellers in contact. But sometimes we need more direct communication with the seller, and for this, it is necessary to know how to send a message to the AliExpress seller.

The first way to contact the seller is through the ad itself. At the end of the ad in which you are going to buy, you can find a button called Contact seller. There you can write a message that will be sent directly to the seller.

You will also be able to contact the seller if you are looking at his store. At the bottom, you can find a button with an envelope icon. When we click on it, we can send a message directly to the seller. It works the same as the previous method, but you don’t need to search for the specific ad you are interested in.

Finally, you can send a message to the seller from whom you have already bought a product from the order itself. This is probably the most advisable way since the seller will know what product we are talking about without the need for us to indicate it.

How to see the seller’s messages on Aliexpress

Although there are all kinds of experiences, it is normal that once we have done all the steps on how to send a message to the seller on AliExpress, he will answer us within a few days. And if we do not have too much experience on this platform, we may wonder how to see the seller’s messages on AliExpress. To do this we will only have to access the Messages section, where we can find all the messages sent and received.

In this section, we can find both the replies to the messages we have previously sent to the sellers and some that they have sent us on their own. Sometimes, AliExpress sellers send offers and advertising to some customers, so it is normal that we find some messages that we do not expect.

To delete a message you just have to leave your finger pressed on it for a few seconds, and a menu will appear in which the option to delete will be indicated.

Where is the message box in Aliexpress?

Now you know that to access the messages that a seller has sent you have to enter the section intended for it within the application of the online store. But if it is the first time you buy, you may wonder where is the message box in AliExpress. To access it, you only have to click on the icon of three stripes that you will find next to the search engine to find the side menu that appears. In this menu, you will find a section called Messages. This is where you will find the messages you have exchanged with sellers.

If instead of using the mobile application you usually enter AliExpress from the web version, the process to find the messages is even simpler. Once you have logged in with your account, you will see an option called Message Center in the menu that appears at the top. If you click on it, you will be able to access the mailbox where you will find all the messages that sellers have sent you or that they have sent to you. Therefore, no matter which version you use, sending and receiving messages is quite simple.