How To Solve The Synchronization Problem On Dropbox

We also know that the Dropbox file storage service allows you to back up while doing a certain thing. All you need is an Internet connection to do so and to access those files offline. However, sometimes syncing with Dropbox doesn’t happen automatically. If you encounter a problem like this, it’s time to apply some solutions to start the synchronization process on your computer.

How to solve the synchronization problem on Dropbox

Run these checks and solutions one by one until the problem is solved and file syncing on Dropbox resumes working.

Restart Dropbox

Well, you may have already done this step, right? Usually, quitting and re-entering the program can solve the problem. After that, make sure that the files and documents have been synchronized, otherwise move on to the next solution.

Forcing to quit Dropbox

Dropbox is not responding at all? This can be suspended for now, if so, let’s end the Dropbox task via Task Manager on Windows 10.

Right-click on the taskbar, then select a Task Manager option from the list that appeared.

A window will appear that includes a list of programs running on your device, select Dropbox and then click the End task button.

The program has been forcibly terminated, you can now restart Dropbox and check if the problem is solved.

Is there enough storage space

You should know that Dropbox has some limitations in terms of file storage. Dropbox Plus allows you to use up to 2TB of storage space, while the free usage only gives you about 2GB of storage space. Therefore, if you use the latter, the storage space may be full, and therefore more files cannot be synced.

You can click on your profile picture to display a list of options, then select Settings. Select the plan name and it will show you how much storage space is being used on Dropbox.

If you run out of storage space, you can upgrade your subscription plan to Dropbox Plus or delete unnecessary files to save storage space.

Selective Dropbox sync option

If only certain files, but not all, are synced, the selective sync feature may be to blame. This feature is that only certain files are selected for syncing.

To, check which files are selected for syncing on Dropbox, open Dropbox on your computer, then click on your avatar on the right. After that, select a Preferences option, then click on the Selective Sync option.

In the menu that appears, uncheck All files.

Empty the cache

There can be a build-up of storage and temporary files and new files. Clearing Dropbox’s cache can easily be done by following these steps:

  • Open the C drive, then enter the Program Files folder. You will find a Dropbox folder there, open it and click on the Dropbox cache folder.
  • Delete all files in a dropbox cache folder.

Reinstall Dropbox

If all the above solutions didn’t work for you, it’s time to uninstall and then reinstall Dropbox on your computer. When uninstalling the program, make sure you also delete all old Dropbox files and data.

Once you have uninstalled Dropbox from your computer, download the latest version of Dropbox software and reinstall it on your computer.

Closing words

These are the most important solutions that will survive with you and syncing will start working in Dropbox. It should be noted that Dropbox displays daily sync issues directly on the program. Another common problem is that special characters are assigned to file names. Which solution worked for you? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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