The Best Apps To Convert Photos To Drawings With Your Smart Phone

Find the best apps to convert photos to drawings with your smart phone. Photographic applications are the order of the day. There is no photo-loving user who does not take out his cell phone, shoot and then edit the image to upload it to social networks. There are very simple touch-ups with which to give a special touch to any image, such as changing the color saturation levels, for example. But if you are looking to go a step beyond the most classic arrangements, we recommend the best apps with which you can turn your photos into drawings in a very easy way.

A different kind of editing by turning your photos into drawings

There are different types of artistic expressions. Photography, for example, is a favorite for those who especially value light and want to somehow capture reality and keep it as it is forever. With the advent of mobile devices, it is easier than ever to carry around a camera to capture everything around us. Thanks to technology, you can also easily tinker with editing applications to improve your photos or give them a different look.

In this sense, there are a large number of very varied applications. Some of them put funny filters on your face, others play with the saturation and composition of colors and others are even capable of transforming your images into a comic strip. Don’t fall behind this trend and download the best apps to turn your photos into drawings.

The best apps to turn your photos into drawings

We give you a list of applications with filters to turn your photos into drawings. It will be your decision to choose the ones that best suit your needs or the style of drawing that you like. Each of them will provide you with a number of extra features to get more out of your images. We will tell you about them below.


Prisma is an old acquaintance and one of the best applications to edit your photos from your mobile. But it also stands out for offering you a filter with which to convert a photograph into a very successful and modern drawing. Simply upload the photo and start using their filters with which you can create your new photos quickly and with a design that does not seem to go out of fashion.


We move to a completely different register with the arrival of Clip2Comic. Drawing styles are not the same and each artist has his own style depending on what he wants to do. In the case of Clip2Comic we find an app to move your photos to drawing in the purest style of comics. It has some payment options to unlock other types of filters and tools to retouch the image.


Snapchat is another of the most important apps that will help you turn your photos into drawings. You will find a lot of AR filters with which to customize the lens of your cell phone, but the most interesting thing is that it has a lot of modifications that make an image go from being a simple photo to a very successful drawing.


As we said at the beginning, there are many types of artistic expressions and drawing is also one of them. Watercolor, charcoal or pencil… there are no limits when it comes to painting. That said: getting it right is not within everyone’s reach… or is it? Thanks to Camcart’s filters you can transform what you have photographed into a drawing. This app has different customization options and is available to install only on Android.

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