Best 3 free password managers alternative to LastPass

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With LastPass drastically limiting the usage of those with a Free account, we thought it was a good opportunity to offer you some advice on possible alternative password managers you can consider (which we did as well, switching to one of the ones we’ll show you). Also, we encourage you to read this guide in … Read more

Top 5 Best Apps to find Apple Watch Faces

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Although watchOS doesn’t allow the installation of third-party faces, the huge amount of complications and options available for their customization allows developers to create apps and services that can still offer special, ready-to-use templates. In particular, today we’re going to look at 5 useful apps for finding Apple Watch faces, free and available on the … Read more

Best apps for home design, home decor, and 3D interiors

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If you’re in the process of buying a home design or making a renovation to your current abode, it’s certainly convenient to be able to make a small initial design. To do this, there are some apps for smartphones and tablets that allow you to create your dream home right from your mobile device. In … Read more

9 Free navigators: the Best to use on Android and iPhone

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Are you looking for a good navigator for your smartphone, but are afraid of running into unreliable and inaccurate applications? You don’t have to worry at all, since we at ChimeraRevo have selected the best free navigators for Android and iPhone, to put you in the best conditions in case of travel. In fact, throughout … Read more

Best Apps to password protect photos on iPhone and Android

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The multimedia contents inside our smartphones are personal items and there might be a need to protect photos them from prying eyes with a password. There are several methods to hide photos and videos on your smartphone (whether Android or iPhone), to be chosen according to your preferences, but each of those that we will … Read more

Best Apps for creating business cards in 2024

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What you absolutely cannot miss on a creating business cards trip or in a meeting is undoubtedly the business card. Fortunately, thanks to the many applications on digital stores, such as the App Store and Google Play Store, you can create and request the printing of business cards from the comfort of your home and, … Read more

8 Best Apps for Writing Text on Photos in 2024

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Of course, with the growth and development of smartphone apps (with writing text), users are no longer relying on computers to write on images, as it is now becoming possible to do so via an app. You can write on images professionally and distinctly because all the tools are available to help you edit the … Read more

How To Solve The Synchronization Problem On Dropbox

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We also know that the Dropbox file storage service allows you to back up while doing a certain thing. All you need is an Internet connection to do so and to access those files offline. However, sometimes syncing with Dropbox doesn’t happen automatically. If you encounter a problem like this, it’s time to apply some … Read more