Do you want to locate all TikTok filters? Here’s how to do it

If you love a TikTok filter, but can’t find it anywhere, we explain how to search for filters in TikTok by name so you can always use them in your videos.

TikTok has thousands of filters and effects that give a creative and original touch to your videos. These filters appear on the platform and they are not always the same. There are some novel ones that really transform what you see in such a real way that you can’t help but include them in your publications.

The problem comes when you’ve seen filters and effects on your friends’ or influencers’ videos, but you can’t figure out where they are. So that you don’t get stuck without being able to access the effect, we tell you how to search for filters in TikTok by name.

The good thing about these searches is that once you locate the filters you can always find them and access them quickly.To find out how to search for filters in TikTok by name, 

  • The first thing you have to do is open TikTok from your mobile device you will see the “For you” video section. Then click on the plus icon that you have right at the bottom as if to record a video.
  • Then on the right side of the screen click on the “Filters” button. 
  • Now you can search for filters by name: portrait, landscape, food, intense, and a “manage” section where you can add your favorite filters.
  • Now all you have to do is choose the filter you want to use on your videos. 

Among them, the most used are the G6 from the Food category, which gives a summery touch to your videos, the S1 from the Portrait category which is ideal for frontal videos, or the B6 from Landscape, indicated to give a warm touch.

TikTok effect that tells you who you look like

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Now that you know how to search for filters in TikTok by name, we also explain one of the newest effects of the platform, the effect in TikTok that tells you who you look like.

What this effect does is to analyze your image and see your resemblance to any other person. You can use it, for example, to see which well-known character or celebrity you look like.

  1. To find the effect that tells you who you look like you must open TikTok and click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, it is the one with the name “Trends”.
  2. Then in the search box type “who I look like”. The first result you get is an effect. 
  3. Just click on it to add it to your video. If you click “Add to favorites” it will also stay in your effects gallery.

TikTok effect that changes your voice

Another of the funniest effects in TikTok is the one that changes your voice. This effect is used by thousands of people every day in their videos and is actually called “Voice over”.

  1. To use the voice-over effect the first thing you have to do is to record the video in which you are going to superimpose the voice. 
  2. Once you have recorded it click on the V-shaped icon to go to the editing screen.
  3. In the editing screen, there is an icon on the right side that says “Voice over” Click on it and then slide your finger to the point where you want to start the voice-over and press record.
  4. Once you have it you can put different effects to the voice. 
  5. You can even combine several of them. Once you have the voice-over effects, tap the “volume” button to adjust the different sounds of the original bar.

Finally, click “Next” to title the video and add all the hashtags and information you want and publish it.