How to Tip Uber eats riders | Explained

Do you know the three ways to tip at Uber Eats? Here we tell you about them

If you usually order food at home and you would like to know how to tip Uber Eats riders but you don’t know what are the steps to follow, you have come to the right post, we tell you everything you need to know.

Uber Eats is one of the food delivery platforms whose orders are made from a mobile application available for both Android and iOS. Uber Eats connects local restaurants with customers in the same area quickly and easily.

Among the highlights of this application is the variety in the types of food that can be purchased or the large number of restaurants that put at your disposal their food menu.

When you place an order in Uber Eats and after being prepared by the restaurant, the riders bring it to your home. If you want to tip the delivery driver for the effort of taking your food home, we tell you how to tip Uber Eats riders.

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Tipping is optional. Uber Eats ensures that 100% of the tip goes to the delivery drivers. To know how to tip Uber Eats riders, the first thing you should know is that there are three ways to tip. We explain them to you and you just have to choose the one that best suits you.

You can add the tip before placing the order. To do this open the application select what you are going to buy and follow the prompts until you get to “Review and Pay“. Now just go to “Add a tip” and select the amount of tip you want to give. If you are not interested in the default amounts click on “Other” and add your own tip.

If what you want is to know how to tip Uber Eats riders but when your order has been delivered you should open the app and when rating how the shopping experience was you can add the tip. You will then receive an email informing you that this tip has been added.

In addition, Uber Eats allows you to tip even up to a month after the delivery of the products. To do this, you must open the app on your phone and click on the “Orders” icon that appears on the screen. Then select the order you want to tip. Now look for “Add tip” and enter the amount you want.

How much to tip uber eats?

If you already know the ways on how to tip Uber Eats riders but are wondering how much to tip Uber Eats? Here’s some guidance.

Uber Eats has no set minimum tip amount in the app. You are the one who contributes what you consider as a tip. What we can tell you is that in normal deliveries tips vary between 10% or 20% of the order. For example, for an order of 20 dollars, the normal tips would be between 2 and 4 dollars

You can tip more if you think the riders have made an extra effort to deliver your order.

How to cancel a tip at uber eats?

It may be the case that you have added a tip on Uber Eats but then the service was not good or you made a mistake in the amount of the tip and you need to know how to cancel a tip on Uber Eats.

If you are in this situation don’t worry you can change the amount of the tip or cancel it without any problem through the app. To change the amount, open the app and go to the “Orders” section. Choose the one you want to modify and change the amount of the tip. If you want to cancel it, choose 0 in the amount and save the changes.

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