How to deactivate the power saving mode of the affected applications?

Learn how to deactivate the power saving mode of the affected applications. Cell phones have become our best allies, to communicate, work and interact with the world in carrying out daily activities: bank transfers, online shopping or requesting any service.

That is why the battery performance we want to be as durable as possible for as many hours as possible. In view of the needs and uses of mobile devices, technology pioneers have been concerned about incorporating the option of ‘Power Saving Mode for both iPhone and Android.

How does the power saving mode affect the applications?

Although it is very useful option to help users save battery, modify some system functions. Such as for example the use of the application in the background, which means that you will not receive notifications of the development of the application.

One of the clearest examples is with messaging applications such as WhatsApp, which when a message arrives will not be notified until you move or activate the cell phone to check what has arrived. Just as you can activate the dark mode in all your apps in one touch.

In updates

The system updates and that the applications should receive are affected by having this battery saving restriction. Therefore, you must be checking manually in the settings area to see the available updates of the applications.

With visual effects

The interface and the dynamism presented by the mobile device, is also affected to save battery as it is one of the main battery consumption. At the visual level, not only the dynamism in the change of applications, but also the brightness of the cell phone will be diminished.

How to remove the battery saving mode from the applications?

Now, if we do not want to stop having the power saving mode, but that it does not affect us the applications that we use the most such as: Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube. We will be able to disable the power saving mode that affects some of the applications that we do not want to be affected.

To do this, we will go to the cell phone settings, look for the ‘Applications’ section, where we will find the list of installed applications. Depending on the system, they can be divided between ‘Installed applications’ and ‘System applications’, which are the default ones in the cell phone.

In almost all applications you can set dark mode, as is the case of Outlook and instant messaging.

Once there, select the applications that you want to disable or not affect the power saving mode. There will appear an option that indicates ‘Energy saving’ and we will be able to activate or deactivate the option, on the application.

What to do to make your device’s battery last longer?

In spite of having the energy saving mode activated or we do not want to have the configuration running, there are some recommendations that we will be able to carry out so that we do not have to activate the energy saving mode.

You can take some recommendations to be able to save more energy from your cell phone, these recommendations are based on the following aspects:

  • Decrease the brightness of the screen.
  • Do not let the battery go below 40% so as not to damage the cell phone battery.
  • Do not leave the cell phone connected for more than the required charging time, for example: leaving the cell phone charging all night is a serious mistake.
  • Use the airplane mode, when you are in a situation of maximum energy saving can help you save the battery of the device.
  • Use the original charger. When you buy a new cell phone, try to take maximum care of the original charger, so that it charges properly.
  • Deactivate the use of ‘Background’ of the applications that you do not want to run in this way.
  • Do not have the cell phone in ‘Vibrate’ mode, this option makes the cell phone work a little more than it should.
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth connections will help save battery life, or you can turn off cellular data and only use WiFi if you don’t want to stay connected.
  • Turn off GPS location.

Depending on the use we give to the cell phone we will see its battery performance, but in Android you can check the use, plus you will stop wondering why the battery lasts so little.

This will determine which are the applications that require more power consumption or against which uses, that you can realize in the battery settings.

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