How wallapop shipments works so you don’t meet the seller in person

Wallapop offers a shipping service that allows buyers and sellers to complete transactions without meeting in person.

Here’s a detailed overview of how Wallapop shipments work:

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How Wallapop Shipments Work

  1. Enabling Shipping Option:

When listing an item for sale on Wallapop, the seller has the option to enable shipping. This feature allows the item to be available to a wider audience, extending beyond just local buyers. By enabling shipping, sellers can attract more potential buyers who are not in their immediate vicinity but are interested in the item.

To enable the shipping option, follow these steps:

    1. Create a Listing: Begin by creating a new listing for the item you want to sell. Provide all necessary details, including a clear and accurate description, high-quality photos, and a fair price.
    2. Select Shipping Option: During the listing process, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to offer shipping. Select the shipping option to enable it.
    3. Set Shipping Details: You will need to provide details about the shipping method, including the shipping cost. Wallapop may offer different shipping options and prices based on the item’s size and weight.
    4. Complete the Listing: Once you have filled in all the necessary details and enabled the shipping option, complete and publish your listing. Your item will now be available to a broader audience who can purchase it and have it shipped to them.

By offering shipping, you can avoid the need to meet buyers in person, providing a more convenient and potentially safer transaction process. This option can also help you reach a larger market, increasing the likelihood of selling your item quickly and efficiently.

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Buyer Purchases the Item:

A buyer interested in the item can select the shipping option during the purchase process. Wallapop holds the payment securely until the transaction is complete.When a buyer is interested in purchasing an item on Wallapop, they can choose the shipping option during the checkout process.

This allows them to receive the item without having to meet the seller in person. Wallapop acts as an intermediary by securely holding the payment in escrow until the transaction is successfully completed.

The payment is only released to the seller once the buyer confirms that they have received the item in satisfactory condition, adding a layer of security and trust to the transaction process.

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Shipping the Item:

  • Once the buyer has purchased the item, Wallapop generates a shipping label. The seller prints this label and attaches it to the package.
  • The seller can then drop off the package at a designated drop-off point (such as a post office or a courier service location) or schedule a pickup, depending on the options available in their area.

After the label is attached, the seller has two main options for sending the package: dropping it off at a designated drop-off point or scheduling a pickup.

Drop-Off Option:The seller can take the package to a designated drop-off point, which may include locations such as post offices, courier service locations, or specific partner stores. These drop-off points are conveniently located and accessible, ensuring that the seller can easily find a nearby location to drop off the package.

It’s essential to ensure that the package is securely sealed and the shipping label is clearly visible to avoid any issues during transit.

Pickup Option: In some areas, Wallapop offers the convenience of scheduling a pickup. This means that a courier will come to the seller’s specified address to collect the package. This option is particularly useful for sellers who may not have the time or means to visit a drop-off point.

To schedule a pickup, the seller needs to follow the instructions provided by Wallapop, which typically involves selecting a suitable date and time for the pickup. Once the pickup is scheduled, the seller should ensure the package is ready and accessible for the courier.

After the package is handed over to the courier or dropped off at a designated location, the seller can track the shipment using the tracking information provided on the shipping label.

This allows both the seller and the buyer to monitor the progress of the delivery. Upon successful delivery, Wallapop typically notifies both parties, and the transaction is considered complete.

By providing these shipping options, Wallapop ensures a smooth and convenient process for sellers who prefer not to meet buyers in person, enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.

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Tracking and Delivery:

  • The package is tracked throughout its journey, allowing both the buyer and seller to monitor its status.
  • Once the item is delivered, the buyer has a specified period (usually 48 hours) to inspect the item and confirm that it matches the description.

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Payment Release:

  • After the buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction with the item, Wallapop releases the payment to the seller.
  • If there are any issues with the item, the buyer can initiate a return or dispute within the inspection period, and Wallapop mediates the process.

In the Wallapop platform, the payment release process is designed to ensure a secure and satisfactory transaction for both the buyer and the seller.

Here’s a detailed explanation:

    1. Delivery Confirmation: Once the buyer receives the item, they need to confirm its receipt on the Wallapop app. This step is crucial as it triggers the inspection period.
    2. Inspection Period: After confirming receipt, the buyer is given a specific time frame (usually a few days) to inspect the item. During this period, they need to verify that the item matches the description provided by the seller and is in the expected condition.
    3. Buyer Satisfaction: If the buyer is satisfied with the item, they confirm this on the Wallapop app. This confirmation is essential as it signals that the transaction is complete from the buyer’s perspective.
    4. Payment Release to Seller: Once the buyer confirms their satisfaction, Wallapop releases the payment to the seller. The funds are then transferred to the seller’s account, completing the transaction.

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Handling Issues:

  1. Initiating a Return or Dispute: If the buyer finds any issues with the item during the inspection period, they can initiate a return or dispute through the Wallapop app. This action pauses the payment process, preventing the funds from being released to the seller until the issue is resolved.
  2. Wallapop Mediation: Wallapop steps in to mediate the dispute. The platform reviews the case details, including the item description, any provided evidence (like photos), and communication between the buyer and seller.
  3. Resolution: Based on the review, Wallapop decides the best course of action. This might involve returning the item to the seller and refunding the buyer, or finding an alternative resolution that satisfies both parties.

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Benefits of Wallapop Shipments

    • Convenience: Eliminates the need for in-person meetings, making it easier to buy and sell items from anywhere.
    • Security: Payment is held securely by Wallapop until the buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction with the item.
    • Wider Audience: Sellers can reach buyers outside their local area, potentially increasing sales opportunities.
    • Tracking: Both parties can track the shipment, providing transparency and peace of mind.

In Conclusion , Wallapop’s shipping service provides a convenient and secure way to buy and sell items without needing to meet in person. By following the steps outlined above, users can easily navigate the shipping process and complete transactions smoothly.


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