League Of Kingdoms (LOKA): Blockchain Game With NFT + 26th Tokensale on Binance Launchpad

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy game on Ethereum blockchain with NFT integration. Presented as a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a web platform, it is translated into Russian. The game has shown explosive growth in 2021, from 4,000 users in July to 80,000 in December. It is played by people from more than 210 countries. League of Kingdoms is positioned primarily as an entertainment game, but the addition of NFT and P2E has made it more social and economically interesting.

LOKA is the project’s management token, which will be used to control the community over the development of the game. digiitallife.com’s editorial team will cover the platform and the League of Kingdoms (LOKA) token, which will be distributed through Binance Launchpad in January.

General Information

About League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is an MMO-strategy that gives players the opportunity to play in PvP or PvE modes, as well as with groups of users simultaneously (MMO). Application contains a lot of gaming features, a variety of content, so it is interesting for regular gamers, not just for crypto investors.

The main actions that are available to the player at the moment:

  • Building your kingdom.
  • Increasing the military power.
  • Joining an alliance.
  • Participation in guild wars within the continent.

Conquering shrines.

Fighting for the titles of King and Champion of the CvC.

Completing the entire cycle can take six months or more. In addition to the listed main stages in the future will add many auxiliary stages.

The game has wild monsters that can be hunted alone or in groups. Some monsters are only caused by special items. PvP mode involves attacking other kingdoms, again solo or with a group. MMO mode is a large-scale war, the first of which will be organized in 2022.

Economy in the game

In the game League of Kingdoms, users will be able to earn by farming, hunting or farming, as well as minting NFT resources and selling them on the market. Initially the rewards were paid in DAI and BUSD tokens, but after the public sale LOKA will use this asset.

The land in this project is unique digital real estate units represented in the format of ERC-721 NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Plots can be used to play them and earn development points. There are 65,536 plots in total, located on several continents. And here we need to explain about the scalability mechanism of MMORTS (the principle of adding new servers). Having a site with certain coordinates, the user owns it not only on one continent, but also on other continents.

Dragons (dragos) – mythical creatures with the powers of various elements. Each dragon is unique. They serve their master and fight for him in the arena. This is the decisive element of battles in the game, which determines the tactical and strategic options. Dragons are collectible NFT ERC-721, with unique looks and capabilities. Owning a dragon provides various advantages in different areas of the game. Owning a dragon gives the player the opportunity to earn DST tokens.

Resources are food, stone, gold, wood. Available for coinage as a way to monetize time spent playing the game. Resources can also be converted to NFT and monetized by selling on the market. It is possible to coin NFT in Ethereum and Polygon networks, and then trade in any market for irreplaceable tokens such as OpenSea.

LOKA management token + tokenseal on Binance

LOKA will be the primary token in the League of Kingdoms project.

Its key features are:

  1. Decentralized management. Token holders will propose and vote on network management decisions.
  2. Means of payment for coining and upgrading NFT.
  3. Rewards for players for winning contests.
  4. An exchange medium for buying/selling in-game items.
  5. LOKA stakes for passive income and unique NFTs.

Where to buy and store LOKA tokens

In addition to Binance, LOKA tokens may later be available on decentralized exchanges that work with the Ethereum blockchain:

  • Uniswap
  • Sushiswap
  • Shibaswap
  • 1inch
  • DODO
  • Storage wallets: Metamask, Trust Wallet, MathWallet, imToken, Ledger, etc.


League of Kingdoms is already a working full-fledged application, which has been downloaded by thousands of users on mobile devices. However, reviews of it are mixed – some players note points such as poor optimization, brakes, poor quality localization, lack of new servers. One server is clearly not enough, given that foreign players have already pumped castles and territories, and the Russians are just coming into the game and have no chance to catch up with them. However, given the novelty of the project, all these shortcomings are understandable. Having collected funding from the sale of LOKA tokens, the project can make a leap in development.

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